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Aug 09 2021

Obama Birthday Extravaganza: Après Eux, le Déluge

Après moi, le déluge,” said the last King Louis before Louis XVI, who died at the guillotine. Our big-spending neo-Marxist rulers have a similar attitude, as demonstrated by Barack Obama’s extravagant birthday celebration at his mansion in the elite retreat Martha’s Vineyard, a designated “high transmission” area for Covid.

The gala was scaled down to include “only family and close friends” for fear of public outrage, as the rest of us are still enduring Covid restrictions…

However, photos emerged of massive tents constructed specifically for the birthday party on Obama’s 29-acre estate. There were also images of celebrities arriving at Martha’s Vineyard to attend the festivities.

Some moonbat celebrities got uninvited. Plenty of others did not:

The celebrities who did make the cut include Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eddie Vedder, Tom Hanks, and musician Questlove, who reportedly coordinated a meat-free menu for the party.

Celebrities not making the cut include Obama’s hapless former sidekick, Joe Biden.

Treasonous Climate Czar John Kerry, who wants to impose the Great Reset to drastically lower our standard of living on the pretext that it will supposedly improve the weather, characteristically arrived by private jet. The location of Obama’s seaside mansion confirms that our rulers do not believe their own rhetoric regarding carbon emissions causing the oceans to rise.

Considering that the rest of us are expected to sit home in our masks socially distancing, the hypocrisy was hard not to notice. Sample reactions from the public:

• “Do what we say, not what we do.”

• “The hypocrisy is the point.”

• “These are the people calling you selfish if you don’t want to close your small business.”

• “Do you feel like a peasant yet?”

• One person quoted “Animal Farm” by George Orwell: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

• “The virus so deadly the elites risk their lives for a birthday party!”

In an attempt to avoid public relations blowback, Obama resorted to censorship like a typical Democrat, as we learn under this headline:

Guests Forced to Delete Photos and Videos of Maskless Obama at Boozy Birthday Party


Rapper Trap Beckham and manager TJ Chapman discreetly snapped pics of the event’s high-end food, drink and swag offerings and talked to their followers as the party unfolded, according to screenshots of the posts, which were later deleted under the event’s photography ban.

Singer Erykah Badu posted video:

Not to worry about the Covid spread. The New York Times, flagship publication of the liberal ruling class, reminds us that the extravaganza was a low-risk event because it comprised “a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd.” Only peasants spread Covid, so the rules don’t apply to our rulers.

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