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Sep 12 2020

On the Theory That Antifa Has Been Starting Wildfires

What a coincidence: the same Left Coast that has been beset by Antifa riots inspired by Black Lives Matter is now also beset by a massive wave of wildfires. Or maybe it is not such a coincidence.

The liberal media denies a connection so stridently and categorically that the curious will be tempted to turn to other sources. Mr Reagan presents five reasons to keep an open mind regarding Antifa involvement:

1. Jeffrey Accord.

2. Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists include arsonists.

3. The number of arson events suggests an organized effort.

4. Setting these fires would be consistent with Antifa’s mission.

5. Police themselves seem to suspect it.

Mr Reagan makes his case:

More from Salty Cracker (language alert):

Two hundred wildfires were not all caused by a gender reveal party gone wrong. Barack Obama and CNN have eagerly exploited the crisis to promote their political agenda. It is possible that other leftists have exploited the dryness, high temperatures, and high winds that made conditions optimal. Wildfires may be politics by other means.

Dismissing a credible theory without evidence for ideological reasons is no better than believing it on the same basis. A less biased media might invest a little curiosity.

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