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Jan 25 2023

Stacey Abrams Camp Sides With Terrorists Against Police

Stacey Abrams has finally stopped shrieking that she is the Governor of Georgia, but unfortunately is still active in politics, eating away like rust at American civilization. Her top advisor made the news by siding with the Antifa vermin who recently attacked police in Atlanta.

From Fox News:

A top adviser for Stacey Abrams’ voting rights nonprofit defended anti-cop activists who set a police car ablaze and smashed windows while protesting the death of an environmental activist this past weekend in Atlanta.

“Voting rights” is liberalese for election fraud. The “environmental activist” was Manuel Teran, who used “they/it” pronouns, and who was killed by return fire after shooting a state trooper involved in clearing a moonbat infestation out of the area designated for a new police training facility. Windows were smashed in the building housing the Atlanta Police Foundation, which was also attacked with fireworks and defaced with graffiti.

Marisa Pyle, a senior rapid response manager at Abrams’ Fair Fight Action, who also worked as a senior manager for Abrams’ One Georgia leadership committee during her most recent failed Georgia gubernatorial run, rushed to defend the anti-police protesters and the ensuing chaos.

“You cannot commit violence against a window or a car. Killing a human? Now that, that is violence,” Pyle wrote on Twitter this past weekend. “Shame on Atlanta’s leaders who fall into the same tired path of protecting property while our people are murdered by their police.”

Thank you, Marisa, for putting it on the official record that you maniacs side with leftist terrorists against the police.

We are past the point were any informed and reasonable person could support Democrats.

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Jan 23 2023

Son of Minority Whip Arrested for Antifa Attack on Police

Saturday night in Atlanta, Antifa thugs escalated the War on Police, attacking the Atlanta Police Foundation, smashing windows, and setting a police car on fire. The main pretext was the demise of fellow terrorist Manuel Teran, who was killed by return fire after shooting a state trooper involved in clearing leftists lowlifes from the planned cite of a new Atlanta Police Department Training Facility known by moonbats as Cop City. The violence was not limited to Atlanta. Jared Dowell, the sexually perplexed son of the Democrat whip, took part in an incident in Boston the same night:

The Boston Police Department noted that around 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 21, officers responded to a scene of leftist disturbance at the Parkman Bandstand Monument in the Boston Common.

According to the BPD, officers found the son of House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) vandalizing the monument, writing “NO COP CITY” and “ACAB,” the latter of which stands for “all cops are bastards.” …

When officers intervened to arrest the son of the Democratic whip and restore order, a group of 20 leftist violators began “screaming profanities through megaphones” and interfering with Dowell’s arrest.

Katherine Clark would not be among them. She can do more to advance the progressive agenda from her position in Washington.

An officer was brutally struck in the face and left “bleeding from the nose and mouth” during the leftists’ violent efforts to prevent the arrest, which Dowell is accused of partaking in.

Dowell’s outlook runs in the family:

[H]is BLM-supporting mother stressed in 2020 that it should be “easier to prosecute” officers.

Clark — the Democrat who reportedly failed to properly disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock trades in 2021 —confirmed that her son, whom she refers to as a “daughter” and calls “Riley,” was arrested in Boston, noting that “this is a very difficult time in the cycle of joy and pain in parenting.”

The heart bleeds.

While apparently reluctant to denounce Antifa’s violent attacks on Boston police over the weekend, Clark has previously been quick to accuse her political rivals of fomenting unrest and to warn of violence when politically expedient.

Clark shrieks that Republicans are “extremists” who endanger “our country’s national security” and appeal to “hate speech and violence.” With a straight face, she screams, “The tolerance of violence and bigotry in our political discourse must end” and “Violence begets violence.”

When the Party of Hypocrisy denounces violence, be prepared to defend yourself.

On tips from Bluto, Barry A, and Mr. Freemarket.

Nov 28 2022

Moonbats Turn on Musk Part III

Even as moonbats rave about Russia and stop driving Teslas because Elon Musk has been allowing more free speech on Twitter, some speech will be restricted that was previously permitted. Consequently, Antifa has joined the jihad against Musk:

Musk called for members of the public to report violations of the site’s terms of service against child sexual exploitation and far-left extremist violence.

Numerous self-identified Antifa militants including several prominent organizers have been banned for calling for violence against Chaya Raichik, who operates the popular “Libs of TikTok” account, and Daily Wire host Matt Walsh.

“Incitement to violence will result in account suspension,” said Musk in response to journalist Andy Ngo, who explained that a large number of Antifa accounts operate on the website to promote riots and provide tips to each other on how to identify targets and commit violence.

Ngo would know:

“Antifa used Twitter to direct comrades to swarm me after I ran into a hotel following a violent street beating,” wrote Ngo.

Multiple users were banned shortly after having been reported to Musk for using Twitter to incite leftist violence.

Antifa — the Democratic Party’s comical yet dangerous answer to the Sturmabteilung — responded as you might expect:

Hours after the bans, Antifa militants took to the social media platform to organize arson attacks on Tesla locations around the United States, posting the addresses of Tesla service centers and dealerships.

Producing screenshots, Ngo remarked,

“This is just a drop in the ocean of years of violent organizing on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, under the old guard, the now-reinstated Babylon Bee was banned for observing that men are not women. You can see why liberals liked Twitter the way it was before Musk.

On a tip from Marty.

Nov 20 2022

Alex Stein vs Antifa Brownshirts

Antifa goons adopted an extra-scary look as they used the indoctrination of children in LGBT ideology at a Texas bookstore “transgender storytime” as a pretext for a show of force:

The bookstore promoted the event on its website and Facebook, “This FREE event takes place during National Transgender Awareness Week, and will be hosted by Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences – a family-owned, LGBTQ-friendly, independent bookstore in the heart of Denton, Texas.”

The bookstore promised to read three children’s books about “gender identity, belonging, and friendship, and celebrate diversity, literacy, and community at this all-ages event!”

Similar recent promotions in Texas, such as the “Drag the Kids to Pride” event at a Dallas gay bar and an all-ages drag bingo event at a church in Katy, ignited controversy and protests. The transgender storytime also sparked contentiousness. Antifa members stood outside the Patchouli Joe’s bookstore to guard against any disruptions.

More on Drag the Kids to Pride, during which small children were submersed in depravity in a gay bar, can be found here.

Rather than let Antifa’s efforts go to waste, Alex Stein provided some disruption for the woke goons to defend against:

With moonbats, you never know whether to scream in horror or burst out laughing. Stein goes with laughter.

Antifa might not always be this hilarious. As we learned during the hundreds of leftist riots that defined 2020, these losers have already become the Democratic Party’s answer to Hitler’s Sturmabteilung.

From comical beginnings, a truly tyrannical apparatus might grow. Under our degenerate ruling class, it will be used to attack morality and decency, like the FBI under AG Merrick Garland, but with less restraint.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

May 17 2022

Feminists Versus Black Pampers

One problem with Cultural Marxism is that the radicalized identity groups that have been mobilized against hated heterosexual white men will inevitably turn on each other as they jockey for position in the faux victimhood hierarchy. This has already begun to happen with feminists and more highly favored trans militants, who hold that women do not exist in any meaningful sense.

Black Bloc clowns attempting to mimic Brownshirts have appointed themselves muscle for the trans militants, just as they did for black supremacists during the Black Lives Matter riots. Some are fighting back on behalf of feminism:

[On Sunday] a group of gender critical feminist campaigners (called TERFs by trans activists) gathered for a protest in the city of Manchester. Their plan was to hold their rally at a public statue of a UK suffragette named Emmeline Pankhurst. However, counter-protesters gathered at the site, including some in black bloc, and refused to let anyone else near it.

Having studied their liberal talking points, the Black Bloc moonbats barked about being on the “right side of history.”

The Black Bloc enforcers have found suitable opponents for combat in the streets — middle-aged women:

When one of the gender critical protesters attempted to get to the statue carrying a suffragette flag, she was assaulted.

As J.K. Rowling proudly notes, she never dropped the flag.

Others referred to the Black Bloc weenies as the “Black Pampers”:

Given Antifa’s infantile mentality and proneness to tantrums and whining, “Black Pampers” ought to stick.

As for the role of law enforcement in this farce, an officer asked the feminist who was assaulted to leave:

She refused and there was nothing more he could do.

Antifa has flourished because police take their orders from the liberal establishment and therefore largely leave violent leftists alone. However, a police-free world would not be a pleasant place for Antifa types. For starters, feminists might give them the spanking they have been asking for.

On a tip from TCS III.

May 09 2022

Liberal Terrorists Set Fire to Pro-Life HQ

Not only do they not object to crushing babies’ skulls and vacuuming their brains out, they regard the process as a sacrament. If you thought they would shy away from terrorism, guess again:

Vandals reportedly used a Molotov cocktail to attack the headquarters of an anti-abortion organization in Wisconsin this weekend. The criminals also spray-painted a threat to the pro-life group that read, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

The concept of safe abortions is as surreal as their notion that women can father children. Nothing is too patently insane to be shrieked by a moonbat.

The pro-life Wisconsin Family Action organization has a mission “to advance Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life, and liberty.” The group is staunchly anti-abortion and “pro-family.”

Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, the Wisconsin Family Action headquarters in Madison was vandalized and allegedly set on fire.

Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes confirms that the fire was arson.

Behold the handiwork of the people we are told hold the moral high ground because they are so tolerant:

The anarchy symbol and “1312” (numeric code for “ACAB” or “All Cops Are Bastards”) indicate that Antifa brownshirts are responsible.

Meanwhile, CNN fritters away any remaining shreds of credibility by gibbering absurdly about the threat of violence from “far-right groups.”

To the surprise of no one, the same Democrat Party that has been encouraging this sort of behavior is slow to condemn it:

Fox News Digital reached out to the offices of several Wisconsin Democratic lawmakers – Reps. Ron Kind, Gwen Moore and Mark Pocan – asking if they had any thoughts on the attack and if they believed the alleged arson to be an acceptable form of protest to a likely court ruling.

None of the offices responded to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment, and none of the three representatives had put out a statement condemning the apparent arson by press time.

Meanwhile, Justice Samuel Alito and his family have been moved to an undisclosed location, just like Dick Cheney after 9/11 and for the same reason: he is a likely target for terrorists.

Leftist mobs have already laid siege to the homes of Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh. As Karen Townsend notes,

It is illegal to protest at homes in both Maryland and Virginia where the conservative justices reside. No arrests, though, so we’ll see how well the laws are enforced. Imagine being one of Kavanaugh’s young daughters who looks outside and sees the protests going on. Imagine if a pro-life group did such protests in front of liberal justices’ homes. There would be January 6-style hearings being scheduled.

Why isn’t Joe Biden speaking out against these protests? Why isn’t he giving one of his Grandpa Joe speeches and trying to calm things down? He hasn’t said a word to discourage them.

On the contrary, his press secretary pointedly refuses to condemn pro-abortion intimidation tactics.

That’s the kind of country we live in already, and progressives are not done progressing — unless of course Americans rise up and stop them.

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Jan 26 2022

Antifa and Dartmouth Team Up to Shut Down Andy Ngo

The liberal media establishment has refused to inform the public about the violent thugs comprising Antifa, for the same reason that prominent Democrat politicians pretend Antifa doesn’t exist — namely, because Antifa goons are to progressive ideology what Hitler’s Brownshirts were to Nazism. Consequently, the best reporting on Antifa has been done by someone outside the establishment, Andy Ngo.

Antifa has used the tactics you would expect to silence Ngo, including physical assault and repeated threats of further violence. At one point, he had to leave the country for his safety.

Big College is glad to contribute to the campaign to silence legitimate reporters who do not play for the same team as Antifa — including the prestigious Ivy League. Anyone who wants to live in a free country rather than succumb to political terror will be appalled by what happened when Ngo attempted to speak at Dartmouth last week.

Straight from Ngo:

The Thursday “Extremism in America” event was meant to highlight America’s long history with far-left violent extremism

Soon after the event was announced, Antifa and its army of online trolls threatened violence to shut it down. In turn, Dartmouth administrators gave the extremists exactly what they wanted: The Hanover, NH, college canceled the in-person event at the last minute, citing vague “safety issues.”

The threats of violence against Ngo and cospeaker Gabriel Nadales (a former Antifa nihilist) were credible. However, they were not a valid reason to shut down the event.

Hanover police, nearby Lebanon police and the Grafton County Sheriff’s Office met the threats with a robust and commendable response. Dozens of officers secured the lecture hall where we were scheduled to speak. They secured every entrance and exit at the building, Moore Hall.

And yet,

Two hours before the event was set to begin, and with many attendees already en route, the administration canceled it.

At the last moment, they were forced to hold a farcical Zoom meeting instead.

Nadales and I spoke on a staffer’s old laptop in an empty lecture hall. The video stream was plagued with sound issues.

Naturally, the ACLU stands firm against this brazen attack on free speech. Just kidding:

The lack of condemnation from the New Hampshire chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and other so-called civil rights groups signals that those actions are permissible.

The stakes could not be higher. If those on whose behalf Antifa terrorizes prevail, we will be ruled by fear of violence rather than governed by the Constitution. The liberal establishment — including universities, the media, and the Democratic Party — sides with terror against freedom.

We know what lies ahead, because we have seen other countries go down this road. Dissidents will soon find themselves in prison camps if not basement torture chambers. Anyone who supports the liberal establishment supports this outcome.

On a tip from TCS III. Hat tip: Hot Air.

Nov 25 2021

Antifa Maniac Tas Starks Gets Wrist Slap, Ax Back

Remember Thomas “Tas” Starks, the Antifa maniac in Fargo who received generous donations from prominent local Democrats after he was arrested for taking an ax to the offices of Republican Senator John Hoeven, which was captured on video? Thanks to his affiliation with Antifa, he has been released with a wrist slap:

Federal guidelines suggested Starks should spend 10–16 months in the hoosegow, but because he is a protected member of Antifa, he was sentenced to mere probation and ordered to pay $2,784 in restitution.

Keep in mind that there are people still in solitary confinement for taking non-violent selfies in the Capitol on January 6.

Even better, the FBI returned the ax he used in the attack. Starks is bragging about it on Facebook, where he goes by the name “Paul Dunyan,” a reference to the axman Paul Bunyan.

Starks openly admits to being a member of Antifa and has a history of threatening violence online. In one picture, Starks is seen wearing a Socialist Rifle t-shirt. Socialist Rifle is a left-wing fringe group that had communicated with Antifa mass shooter Connor Betts before he murdered nine people in Dayton, Ohio, back in 2019.

Nazis had Brownshirts; Democrats have goons like Starks.

As Gerard Baker eloquently observes, the fundamentals of our system of justice are under attack by the forces of wokeness. Among the most precious of these is equality under the law. As the country rots under liberal domination, that concept is becoming a fading memory. Leftist thugs know this and have been exploiting it to the hilt.

Don’t expect a wrist slap if you do this to a Democrat’s office:

On tips from seaoh and TCS III.

Oct 02 2021

Statues Vandalized by Antifa Will Not Be Restored

Do we care enough about the heritage that defines us to restore the statues of great Americans that have been destroyed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter vandals? Not in liberal Portland we don’t.

From Hot Air:

Last October, Portland’s Antifa announced what they called an Indigenous People’s Day of Rage (in place of Columbus Day). The day of rage was intended from the start to include “direct action” which is anarchist code for smashing things. The group was true to its word. They tore down statues of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, smashed the entrance to the Oregon Historical Society, and damaged a bunch of retail outlets. They even smashed windows at a Portland State University police office.

On Wednesday…

…Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) decided that the statues of Washington, Roosevelt and Lincoln would not be returned to the places where they stood before.

However, they will restore a vandalized statue of an elk, presumably because they don’t feel that elk deserve to be canceled.

Virtually all Antifa/BLM violence has happened with the tacit approval if not open encouragement of Democrat authorities. Liberals in charge further endorse the desecration and erasure of our history by making it permanent.

There is no meaningful difference between the sociopathic scum tearing down statues of George Washington and their bureaucratic fellow travelers. The same goes for the propagandists at Willamette Week, which covers the destruction of the Roosevelt and Lincoln statues from the viewpoint of the vandals:

The fate of the statues could prove a measurement of how swiftly Portland public opinion has shifted on which historical figures should be celebrated. Both presidents are towering figures in American history. But Roosevelt espoused eugenics and led imperialist wars. And Lincoln, while chiefly remembered for the Emancipation Proclamation, held racist views of Black people and presided over the removal of Native Americans from their land.

As for George Washington, by now it goes without saying among progressives that our greatest hero and the father of our country should be canceled. Like most if not all 18th century Virginia landowners, he owned slaves.

The statues will likely be replaced by “new public art representing more diverse cultural identities and histories” — i.e., anti-American moonbat propaganda.

On a tip from TCS III.

Sep 30 2021

Antifa Thug Charged for Opening Fire on Countermoonbats

Normally, Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs are above the law, because their violence is for the purpose of advancing the political objectives of the Democratic Party. However, Antifa’s Benjamin Anthony Varela — who has opined that “9/11 was good because the US is a Nazi state so we deserved it” and that “the coronavirus is going to provide great cover for a real revolution” — got a little carried away in Olympia, Washington when he opened fire with a handgun on protesters opposed to vaccine mandates.

Tusitala Toese of the Proud Boys was injured in the shooting.

The legacy of the Alinskyite Community Organizer in Chief Barack Obama has begun to flower. Leftists have destabilized the country.

More violence will follow. Democrats will exploit it as a pretext to disarm law-abiding citizens so that they cannot defend themselves.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Sep 15 2021

Lesbians Oppressed by Leftists

Lesbians deserve to occupy a higher rung in the cultural Marxist hierarchy. Unlike most competitors in the Oppression Olympics, they really are oppressed. Here’s the evidence:

Women in general are also oppressed by Antifa, which has employed violence to defend the policy of allowing male perverts into private facilities intended for females.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Jul 12 2021

Antifa Journalist’s Hoax Falls Flat

The hoaxes leftists rely on to prop up their phony narrative usually entail inventing expressions of hate, although it is actually the hoax itself that is motivated by hate, along with left-wing fanaticism and other unsavory aspects of defective human character. In this case, the hoax was motivated by politically fashionable hatred of the police:

On June 6, 2020, Portland police officer Cameron Smith was busy assisting another officer arresting someone during last year’s daily Portland riots. During the course of the arrest, a so-called “journalist” named Donovan Farley decided to interject himself into the incident, claiming he had heard a protester say they couldn’t breathe.

“I can’t breathe” is a rallying cry of left-wing sociopaths who want people to think the police are oppressing them.

At some point during the interaction between Smith and Farley, Smith allegedly struck Farley with his baton and pepper-sprayed him.

Evidence at last of police brutality! But wait:

A memo which detailed the Portland Police Bureau’s investigation into the matter showed that it was Farley who tried to provoke Smith into fighting him.

According to the memo,

Smith’s use of force was necessary because he was “attempting to arrest Mr. Farley who had just tried to punch him.”

Now the moonbattery-addled Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has declined to prosecute the officer, suggesting that his conduct must have been stellar — although if Farley had been a Rioter of Color, Smith might have been the star of a Chauvin-style show trial.

As noted at Post Millennial, Farley has boasted in the past of being able to organize left-wing violence:

In August 2017 he invited Richard Spencer to Portland for a brawl. “I’d like to invite him to PDX w/o a cop escort,” he said. “I can totally arrange a [Antifa] welcome committee to test his theories.”

Farley has actual credentials as a journalist. He wrote a puff piece for Playboy praising Antifa brownshirts. His stated purpose in writing the article was to help Antifa thugs “gain more mainstream acceptance.” His version of events regarding the incident with Officer Smith was found to be “demonstrably inaccurate” by the PPB investigation after it was compared to video footage of the actual event. CNN and MSNBC eagerly await his resume.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Jul 05 2021

The Battle of Wi Spa

If a single battle sums up the Culture War, it is the Battle of Wi Spa, which began when a woman had the courage to stand up to the liberal establishment by complaining about a transgender person exposing himself in the women’s locker room. The battle escalated on Saturday, with Antifa goons beating Christians outside the spa in the name of the LGBT agenda.

Paul Joseph Watson brings us up to date on this absurd but critical chapter in history:

No one except sociopathic perverts benefits directly from what leftists are attempting to inflict on the innocent at the Battle of Wi Spa. Yet victory would be precious to progressives, because they know their opposition cannot afford to lose.

If liberals can force us to accept degenerates menacing little girls with their private parts in public, they have won. It is too late to defend sanity and decency anywhere if we can’t defend them here. The rest of the war will be a mop-up operation, as moonbats reduce what’s left of the West to an obscene hybrid of the Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, and a San Francisco bathhouse.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Jul 04 2021

Antifa Anti-Christian Violence at Wi Spa

The Wi Spa in Los Angeles, where a courageous woman stood up against liberal social engineers’ bizarre campaign to insert male perverts into women’s locker rooms, is currently ground zero in the Culture War. Countermoonbats gathered there yesterday to protest in favor of decency and sanity. Liberal shock troops — i.e., Antifa — swarmed in to assault them:

A group dressed in all-black, including one person with an Antifascist Action flag, chased away a man wearing a shirt that reads: “Obey Jesus.” One person in the mob told the man, “You gotta go bro, for your own f***ing safety, you gotta go bro.”

While demonstrating, the man was sprayed in the face by one of the black bloc agitators. The mob attempted to steal a sign held by a group of street preachers, which ignited a brawl in the street. The man in the blue shirt was hit in the head with a skateboard as he was attacked by multiple black bloc members simultaneously. The street preacher had blood pouring from his head as he attempted to flee from his attackers. Another street preacher was stomped after being shoved to the ground.

Presenting the current state of religious liberty:

The Wi Spa is located in LA’s Koreatown. People there remember the Rodney King race riots of 1992, when Korean store owners took to the roofs with rifles to protect their property from the leftist mobs that authorities allowed to run riot. Fortunately, some of these Rooftop Koreans are still around:

On a tip from Wiggins.


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