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Nov 18 2019

Antifa Schoolteacher Yvette Felarca Walks on Assault, Rioting

Public school teacher and rioting Antifa thug Yvette Felarca (or is it Yvonne Felarca?) has proclaimed that violence against right-wingers is “not a crime.” Looks like the legal system more or less agrees.

Via Berkeleyside:

Under a plea agreement, the Sacramento District Attorney is set to dismiss a case against Berkeley teacher Yvette Felarca and two co-defendants related to a neo-Nazi rally and counter-protest more than three years ago.

Felarca and two other activists were scheduled to go to trial Thursday over felony assault charges and misdemeanor rioting charges, but left the morning court hearing, in front of Judge Richard Sueyoshi, with only a community service requirement and stay-away order.

For assault and rioting, she has to do 90 hours of community service before taking part in protests and stay away from Sacramento. If she behaves herself, the case will be dismissed after 18 months.

They might not have been so hard on her, except there was actual video of her assaulting an alleged neo-Nazi.

Felarca is associated with the violent Antifa sect BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), which in turn is associated with NAMBLA. She says she is now back to teaching full time. No doubt the kids are learning some very woke lessons.

A local media account from 2016

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Oct 23 2019

Menacing Warning From Antifa

It’s easy to laugh at the Stalinist fantasies that drive Antifa losers — until you realize that sometimes armies of slobs like this end up in control of major countries:

Cowards are encouraged to be very vocal about supporting all things moonbatty now, “because God help you if you are found to be one of those people who backed the Trump Administration when the Left comes for you, because the Left will come for you, one way or the other.”

Recall that Trump was democratically elected; the Left will have to come for a large percentage of the population. But it has done so before, in Russia, China, Cambodia, North Korea, et cetera.

Guys like this are going to love working at the torture chambers and gulags if progressives manage to make America into the Soviet Union II. He is correct that things will go very hard for countermoonbats if we are not able to stop them.

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Sep 17 2019

Patriot Prayer vs Satanic Antifa Creeps

Patriots don’t have it easy in Portland, between the constant rain, the local government run by militant moonbats, and of course the satanic Antifa creeps. Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer keep their chins up anyway:

These days it isn’t hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

Antifa has a history of attacking Patriot Prayer in Portland. Everyone knows whose side the authorities will take (see here, here, here, and here).

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Aug 25 2019

The Danger of Calling Fascists Fascists

This guy can thank London police for proving his point. Watch as they drag him off in handcuffs after he denounces Antifa fascists as fascists at a protest in front of BBC offices in London yesterday. Naturally, “antifascist” fascists cheer as he is packed away into an ominous-looking van:

It could be that London Mayor Sadiq Khan sides with Antifa types just as aggressively as Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. That would not come as a surprise.

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Aug 18 2019

Antifa Chaos in Portland

Washington Examiner reporter Julio Rosas attempted to cover the Antifa chaos in Portland in response to right-wing demonstrations yesterday. The American flag on his shirt was found to be offensive by an Antifa freakazoid of incomprehensible gender:

Later Rosas was extricated by police to avoid violence:

Others were not lucky enough to find police protection from Antifa:

No worries; the moonbats running Portland are sure to get everything in hand. On Friday they arrested Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer for rioting. Patriot Prayer has been violently targeted by Antifa goons. Somehow, the arrest of Gibson — who was not connected with yesterday’s events — failed to prevent Antifa violence, but no doubt ultraleft Mayor Ted Wheeler is trying his best.

Actually, Antifa is spiraling out of control. Liberal authorities and the media are letting it happen, content to let Antifa serve as a cat’s paw to intimidate opposition.

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Jul 29 2019

No Charge for Trying to Lock In College Republicans

Surprise! A moonbat evidently acting on behalf of Antifa who tried to chain College Republicans inside a University of Washington-Seattle lecture hall will not be charged with any crime. Drones the prosecuting attorney’s office,

“We are declining to prosecute…because, based on the facts presented, it is unlikely that we would be able to prove he intentionally committed the crime of disorderly conduct beyond a reasonable doubt…

“Since we are unable to say what he intended to accomplish beyond a reasonable doubt, we decline to file a criminal charge.”

It is obvious what he was trying to accomplish: intimidation. That’s the objective of all Antifa antics. The point here was probably to insert the thought that if they can lock us in a lecture hall, they can lock us in a lecture hall and then start a fire. The purpose of Antifa is to make people afraid not to be moonbats.

If bashing someone’s head in with a bike lock only earns an Antifa goon probation, following through with the disorderly conduct arrest was too much ask of authorities.

Emerald City Antifa had specifically called for moonbats to “show up to deplatform” the event, which featured an appearance by the hosts of Operation Cold Front, lest someone say something that doesn’t comply with Antifa’s ideological requirements.

As noted at Legal Insurrection,

When behavior like this goes unpunished, it only encourages more.

Here’s video:

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Jul 21 2019

Antifa as Criminal Gangs

Antifa moonbats are progressivism’s street level enforcers — roughly the equivalent of the Red Guards during communist China’s Cultural Revolution or the Brownshirts during the rise of Nazism. There have been calls to have them officially acknowledged as a terror group, as New Jersey has done. It might be more useful to designate Antifa as a collection of criminal gangs. OAN’s Jack Posobiec makes the case:

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Jul 15 2019

ICE Attacker Willem Van Spronsen Was Antifa

Surprise surprise. The domestic terrorist who was killed in a shootout with police after firebombing an ICE facility in Tacoma Saturday was affiliated with Antifa. He was also high as a kite on Democrat Party rhetoric.

69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen was shot dead by police after he threw Molotov cocktails at the building and nearby cars on Saturday morning.

According to his manifesto, a copy of which was obtained by Jack Posobiec, Van Spronsen was armed with an AR-15 and stated, “I am Antifa”.

The nut’s manifesto refers to ICE holding facilities as “concentration camps.” If that absurd lie sounds familiar, you could be thinking of the Future of the Democratic Party, who recently barked,

“The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps.”

During China’s nightmarish Cultural Revolution, mayhem was inflicted on a massive scale by gangs of maniacal left-wing sociopaths who called themselves Red Guards. Their similarities to Antifa are chilling. Red Guards were exploited by Mao to terrorize the public and destroy teachers and local party officials suspected of insufficient loyalty to his cult of personality. Just as Mao put his stamp of approval on the horrific acts of torture, murder, theft, and vandalism inflicted by the Red Guards, the liberal media and the Democrat Party give a big thumbs up to Antifa. Just as Mao set off orgies of Red Guard violence with proclamations like “To rebel is justified,” the liberal establishment has been stoking Antifa with radical rhetoric.

Antifa is just getting started. Unsurprisingly, they regard Van Spronsen as a martyr. He will be exploited to inspire future violence.

The more power the Democrats acquire, the scarier Antifa will get. Disarming law-abiding citizens, leaving us defenseless against their Antifa cat’s paws, will take high priority.

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Jul 08 2019

Press for Truth on Antifa Thuggery in Canada

Meanwhile, as the liberal establishment asks us to equate Antifa with the Greatest Generation…

…Dan Dicks of Press for Truth documents that in Canada as in the USA, Antifa freaks are the fascists, not those they try to silence:

Almost every establishment media report on Antifa mobs assaulting countermoonbats is characterized as a clash between antifascists (by which they mean Antifa) and far right activists. This systematic distortion confirms that the media is on Antifa’s side and hopes that it will continue to serve as the street level enforcers of political correctness.

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Jul 07 2019

The Media Loves Antifa

Antifa goons are the Brownshirts of the radicalized left. They have made their hostility to freedom of speech explicit, assaulting independent journalists, counterprotesting a free speech rally in DC yesterday, and presenting demands to journalists that — coming from Antifa — are backed by an implicit threat of violence. Nonetheless, though you might think it relies on free speech more than anyone, the media loves Antifa:

The media loves moonbattery more than it loves freedom of speech. It has no inclination to say anything that would be forbidden under leftist authoritarianism anyway. Those who bring us the liberal establishment’s version of the news are not journalists, but apparatchiks. The point is not to inform, but to maximize power.

Jul 06 2019

Antifa Rules for Journalists

Rallying under the banner #AllOutDC, Antifa hit Washington today to counter a #DemandFreeSpeech rally organized by the Proud Boys. The press is overwhelmingly on the side of increasingly violent Antifa goons, so journalists will be happy to follow these reporting guidelines:

Those who do not follow the guidelines are reminded of what Antifa fascists did to independent journalist Andy Ngo, who incurred their displeasure.

So far, the Antifa threat to throw muriatic acid at free speech advocates appears not to have materialized.

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Jul 05 2019

Antifa Goons Menace Concerned Moms

Moms are required to approve of drag queens (who sometimes have records for sex crimes against children [e.g., Albert Garza and William Travis Dees]) grooming kids at Drag Queen Story Hour events. Those who do not comply with this requirement will be subject to intimidation by the unofficial street enforcers of political correctness, Antifa.

Via KIRO Radio:

The trouble … started after the Renton Library Teen Pride event that [Seattle area mom Lynn] Meagher has dubbed the “Renton Teen Sex Expo.” Meagher previously told the Dori Monson Show that at the event, which was marketed as suitable for “teens and tweens” by the library itself, condoms and lube were handed out to kids who appeared to be as young as 10, young people were given information about sex acts, gift cards for chest binders were raffled off, and drag queens performed dances with explicit lyrics and moves that can be viewed here (warning: sexually explicit material).

Antifa goons came after Meagher and other concerned moms in the library parking lot:

“We were surrounded by four very threatening men dressed in black, blowing whistles at us nonstop, yelling at us that they were videoing us, that they were taking our picture, that our names were going on Twitter, and that they were going to find us,” she said. “It was extremely threatening.”

The politics of intimidation. That’s the point of Antifa.

Typically of the liberal-run Left Coast (e.g., here and here), nearby police pointedly did not intervene, despite having just escorted the concerned moms out of the library because they were not accompanying kids, as if responsible parents would bring their children to such an event.

So Meagher called 911. Police eventually told the Antifa goons to go back in the library, where they were apparently welcome despite not accompanying kids.

The goons followed through on their threats to dox the moms. Further intimidation followed:

After a KCLS [King County Library System] board meeting on June 26 in Issaquah, in which public commentators spoke for and against drag queen library events, Meagher said that a group of about 10 Antifa members, all of them large men, followed the women in her group into the parking lot.

One of the goons carried a baseball bat and was actually taken into police custody. Next time, maybe it will be muriatic acid.

Aptly named Burien City Councilmember Krystal Marx responded online to the intimidation tactics with an approving laughing face emoji. The reason Antifa is getting out of hand is that it enjoys support from all levels of the liberal establishment, from local city councils to CNN and prominent Democrats (and even some Republicans).

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Jul 03 2019

Antifa Threatens to Throw Muriatic Acid at Free Speech Advocates

Assaulting independent journalists and bashing in the heads of countermoonbats do not represent the farthest limits of malice for Antifa. Until someone puts a stop to their violence, it will continue to escalate:

A person utilizing artwork created by a Rolling Stone journalist [Fagan Kuhnmuench] who writes favorably about Antifa has threatened to attack attendees of the Demand Free Speech rally with “muriatic acid, wax, and balloons” on July 6 in Washington, D.C.

This no doubt has the moonbats at Rolling Stone reveling in their adolescent edginess. Muriatic acid is industrial grade hydrochloric acid.

The threats were made on a popular right wing Telegram channel. A user with the name “POUND ON YOUR BOY” made several threats against the rally…

This is the sort of discourse you can expect from Antifa animals:

“I just want to toss as many balloons of Muriatic acid in the faces as many Proud Boys I can [sic]”, wrote the user, “I just want to blind as many of you c**k suckers are possible [sic].”

Gloated the moonbat, “We already have the Muriatic acid, wax, and balloons.”

The balloons would evidently serve as grenades. The wax is so that the acid stays in contact with skin long enough to cause severe and possibly lethal damage.

It can be hoped that these evil clowns will only succeed in burning off their own fingertips as the acid eats through the balloons. But sooner or later, they will manage to blind or kill someone — possibly multiple people.

Jen Kerns is 100% correct. Antifa meets the definition of a terrorist group and should be treated as such by law enforcement officials. They have assaulted at least 15 journalists and counting. If they keep it up, even CNN might fall out of love with them.

Note that the acid threat is in response to a rally in favor of free speech. Once again, there should be no difficulty determining which side constitutes the bad guys.

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Jul 02 2019

How to Tell Neo-Nazis From Antifa

In light of recent street violence in their Portland stronghold (see here and here), it is harder than ever to tell Antifa thugs apart from neo-Nazis. However, there are significant differences. The Babylon Bee helps us to distinguish these groups with this useful guide:

Another difference is that whereas the media exaggerates the numbers of Nazis, in part by conflating conservatives with them as was done to swell their perceived numbers at Charlottesville, the media barely acknowledges Antifa except to laud it.

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Jul 02 2019

Savage Antifa Beating in Portland

Bad as it was for Andy Ngo, he did not get the worst of it when Antifa was allowed to go wild once again in Portland Saturday. A pair of countermoonbats named John Blum and Adam Kelly were present in support of Haley Adams, who had previously been assaulted by Antifa. Adams is the leader of Him Too, which defends men from phony #MeToo allegations of the type leveled at Brett Kavanaugh. Blum and Kelly were set upon by Antifa vermin. They were attacked with mace, nunchucks, metal water bottles, a metal rod, and fists. One of the attackers appeared to be wielding a padlock in a sock or something similar.

Behold leftism on display:

Where are the police, you ask? In Portland, the police take orders from the very wokest of the woke, so the streets belong to Antifa.

Someone is going to get killed by these animals. Antifa has gotten out of hand. Mayor Ted Wheeler seems to like it that way.

Hat tip: Summit News.

Jun 30 2019

Antifa Mob Assaults Andy Ngo

An independent journalist like Andy Ngo is not to be tolerated by the forces of militant tolerance. If not for him, incidents like the recent Portland sucker punch might be kept from the public completely. Despite lack of protection by the police, he insists on informing us about the fascistic behavior of Antifa, which the local media is content to regard as a no-go zone for journalists. He wouldn’t lay off even after they made death threats. You can see why he was bound to get hurt.

This time Ngo himself is the story he reports on:

Details from Ian Miles Cheong:

Members of Rose City Antifa, numbering in the hundreds, organized as a counterprotest to a few dozen right-wing protesters from the Proud Boys and other rightist organizations, who announced their decision to demonstrate in three sites across the city.

Ngo was following a group of Antifa goons for a Periscope livestream when they attacked him.

Oregon reporters Dave Killen and Jim Ryan captured much of the attack, which shows Ngo being violently battered by a group of black-clad men and women who robbed him of his camera equipment before proceeding to punch, kick, and throw various objects—including milkshakes, raw eggs, and other makeshift weapons aimed at his head.

Woke Burger King must be delighted by this application of milkshakes, which it has encouraged. The milkshakes thrown by Portland Antifa may be mixed with quick-drying cement.

Watch the liberal equivalent of Nazi Brownshirts in action against Ngo:

That’s how a real journalist is treated by the Left. But since the apparatchiks posing as journalists who control the mainstream media are as much a part of the Left as Antifa is, this will get little MSM coverage if any.

This isn’t the first time they have come after Ngo:

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reported that Ngo claimed to have been attacked while at the gym on May 7 by a man he recognized from the Antifa rallies. A week earlier, he was attacked with mace while covering one of the rallies.

In mid-November 2018, Ngo was assaulted by members of Antifa at a #HimToo rally, which was designed to raise awareness of male victims of sexual assault and men who are falsely accused of sexual assault. Antifa showed up and became violent. Ngo was “verbally berated and physically accosted,” reported The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo. Ngo’s camera equipment was also covered in silly string. Ngo said police did nothing during that assault.

Ngo saw this latest attack coming:

He had the guts to show up anyway.

The pampered pretty boy propagandists who makes tens of $millions reading pernicious lies off their teleprompters for the mainstream media are not fit to wipe the milkshake off Ngo’s camera.

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