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Oct 31 2020

Oregon’s COVID-19 Casualty Stats Clown Show

From here, there is nowhere for progressives to progress other than ever deeper into self-parody. The liberal bureaucrats running Oregon show the way:

A video in which Oregon Health Authority officials dressed in costume give COVID-19 information is getting national attention, almost two weeks after it was initially posted.

That’s because the presentation is a milestone in moonbattery.

Oregon Health Authority public health physician Dr Claire Poché might have dressed as the Grim Reaper, but instead she wore a clown outfit as she recited ChiCom virus casualty stats:

The sign language silliness nicely emphasizes the comic effect.

On tips from Kate P, Dragon’s Lair, Lyle, and Bluto. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection, the Post Millennial, Power Line.


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