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Jul 30 2021

Our Democrat Rulers Debunked in Under 1 Minute

When future historians look back at the current collapse of American civilization, two features of the Biden years will stand out: (1) the displacement of the American population by millions of illegal immigrants encouraged by the federal government to invade in violation of its own laws and (2) the willingness of the population to surrender even the most fundamental liberties to conspicuously dishonest people in the name of a disease that is no longer a significant threat.

Putting these together, the historians will wonder why we didn’t realize that if our rulers gave a flying damn about Covid, they would not allow vast numbers of Third Worlders infected with the Devil knows what variants to flood unvaccinated across the border — and then use the military to distribute them throughout the country.

At least this young lady has figured it out. She sums up the situation succinctly:

Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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