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Mar 25 2023

Our Inflationary Future Unfolds in Zimbabwe

The role model for what liberals are fundamentally transforming America into is the Rainbow Utopia, South Africa. The template for South Africa is the hellhole that was known as Rhodesian, Breadbasket of Africa, before it was purged of the evils of colonialism. If we want to know where liberal economic policy is taking us, we can skip ahead of collapsing South Africa and jump straight to Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe, the country that brought the world the one-hundred-trillion-dollar bill, has reached a new stage of monetary dysfunction. Because of a lack of small change, businesses have started printing their own “money”—scraps of paper, sometimes handwritten, that customers can use to pay for future purchases. Others are handing out change in-kind, making customers whole with juice boxes, pens or slices of cheese. …

It started in the early 2000s, when the government of then-President Robert Mugabe printed ever more money in an attempt to compensate for a collapse in agricultural production that followed a controversial land-redistribution effort.

Soon people will read, “It started in the early 2020s, when irresponsible fools printed ever more money to hand out for free because Covid and to subsidize idiotic electric vehicles…”

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