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Aug 02 2021

Nikola Scam: Preview of Democrat Climate Spending

Nikola sums up the phony green economy:

The founder of the much-hyped electric truck manufacturer Nikola Corp. has been charged with lying to investors about the supposed technological breakthroughs the company had achieved in order to drive up its stock price, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

If electric vehicles made sense, the free market would provide them. Trucks that are not driven by diesel or gasoline are driven instead by ideology. That is, they are driven by wishful thinking, coercive subsidies, and lies.

Nikola impressed investors with its electric truck prototypes. However,

Prosecutors said that, in fact, the prototypes that had been unveiled didn’t function and were Frankenstein monsters cobbled together from parts from other vehicles. At public events, the vehicles were allegedly towed into position and were powered by plugs leading from hidden wall sockets.

In one instance, in which the vehicle was filmed for a promotional film, tape was used to keep the doors of a truck prototype from opening, prosecutors said. To make it appear the truck was driving, it was towed to the top of a hill and then rolled down to the bottom, according to the indictment.

Multiply the money burned on the Nikola scam by hundreds of billions; that’s what Democrats plan to ram through in addition to still more entitlements to add to the massive unfunded liabilities incurred by the welfare state.

Currently, the liability per US citizen is $463,252. The good news is that before long an unemployed dishwasher will be able to pay off that much with his weekly stimulus check. The bad news is that by then the liability per person will be far into the $trillions, considering the hyperinflation Democrats are likely to set off with their wasteful spending on green idiocy and socialism.

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May 28 2021

African Child Slaves Die for Electric Cars

Taxpayers who are forced to subsidize them are not the only ones who have to help pick up the tab for the pricey electric moonbatmobiles Democrats demand we drive. The batteries require cobalt, much of which is mined by children in the Congo, under circumstances that virtue signalers would rather not think about. Some of their parents have filed a class action lawsuit against several US companies, including Tesla:

“Cobalt is a key component of every rechargeable lithium-ion battery in all of the gadgets made by defendants and all other tech and electric car companies in the world that has brought on the latest wave of cruel exploitation fueled by greed, corruption and indifference to a population of powerless, starving Congolese people,” the suit reads.

US companies point out that these families have no standing to sue them in US courts, and shrug that it is not their business how mines are operated in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“There is no question that defendants have specific knowledge that the cobalt mined in DRC they use in their various products includes cobalt that was produced by children working under extremely hazardous conditions, that serious mining accidents are common due to the primitive conditions and complete lack of safety precautions in the mines, and that hundreds, if not thousands, of children have been maimed or killed to produce the cobalt needed for the world’s modern tech gadgets produced by defendants and other companies,” the lawsuit says.

They ought to sue the Democratic Party for trying to force us into electric cars. Imagine the demand for cobalt if Dems achieve their stated objective of abolishing regular cars. Already, mining required by electric cars threatens a species with extinction.

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May 11 2021

Mining Required by Electric Cars Could Make Species Extinct

If we are going to please our leftist overlords by driving expensive electric cars, we are going to need a lot of lithium. This is bad news for the environment — particularly for Tiehm’s buckwheat, a species that could be driven into extinction by lithium mining in Nevada.

From the moonbats at CNN:

Environmentalists say the benefits of Tiehm’s buckwheat could be vast… [B]otanists say they’re impressed with Tiehm’s buckwheat’s ability to thrive where few species can — poor soil that’s full of boron and lithium.

That may turn out to be the plant’s undoing.

Ioneer, an Australian mining company, has said it’s ready to break ground on a lithium mine later this year on the land where Tiehm’s buckwheat grows. Under the barren soils lies 146.5 million metric tons of lithium and boron.

Based on the improbable notion that electric cars will prevent the climate from fluctuating, Biden is blowing $174 billion on electric cars as part of his “infrastructure” looting spree.

Electric vehicles can’t happen without lithium — and a lot of it. Lithium is a critical mineral in the batteries that power electric vehicles. The world will need to mine 42 times as much lithium as was mined in 2020 if we will meet the climate goals set by the Paris Agreement, according to the International Energy Agency. Existing mines and projects under construction will meet only half the demand for lithium in 2030, the agency said.

Better dig up Nevada and hope Tiehm’s buckwheat survives being relocated to someplace where it doesn’t belong. Otherwise, the climate might fluctuate.

Environmentalists shouldn’t shed too many tears for the plant. Its extinction is nothing compared to the environmental havoc that will be inflicted trying to generate electricity for all those vehicles without using fossil fuels or nuclear energy. Bird-chopping wind turbines will have to line the horizon coast to coast.

Fortunately, academia has stepped forward to solve the Tiehm’s buckwheat conundrum. All we have to do is abandon the last vestiges of liberty and submit to Soviet-style central planning:

Dale Jamieson, a[n] NYU professor [who] studies environment and philosophy, said the United States would be better off with centralized industrial planning to help navigate sticky situations like what to do with Tiehm’s buckwheat. …

There’s a risk, he said, of businesses responding to short-term economic incentives without longer-term strategies.

Big Government would never do that. If it did, we would have to worry about massive spending sprees and even the handing out of free money to those who don’t work, which would crush the country under a millstone of debt and potentially cause runaway inflation.

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Apr 16 2021

Matchbox Moonbatmobiles

To live under totalitarianism means to have the ruling oligarchy’s ideology thrust at you from every conceivable direction. Even Matchbox cars have been politicized:

As part of their Drive Toward A Better Future initiative, all Matchbox die-cast cars, playsets and packaging will use 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic by 2030.

To highlight the change, the company has unveiled a Tesla Roadster which is their first die-cast vehicle made from 99% recycled materials and certified CarbonNeutral.

Matchbox goes beyond pandering to moonbat parents with the usual greenwashing BS. While kids are playing, they are to be brainwashed into subconsciously embracing the green agenda. Matchbox plans to inflict upon them what the company calls an “eco-friendly themed approach to play.”

This will see Matchbox produce more die-cast models of electric vehicles and add EV chargers to their gas station playsets.

Maybe the cars will come with miniature COEXIST, Black Lives Matter, and Biden 2020 bumper stickers.

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Mar 22 2021

Senators Demand End Date for Normal Cars

As radically transformative as Biden’s handlers’ presidency has been already, some Senators push to make it still more irresponsibly extreme. They demand a date upon which we will not be allowed to buy efficient and affordable cars, after which we must drive overpriced moonbatmobiles so as to appease their bogus climate gods:

In a letter to be sent to Biden on Monday that was obtained by Reuters, Democratic Sens. Alex Padilla and Dianne Feinstein urge Biden to “follow California’s lead and set a date by which all new cars and passenger trucks sold be zero-emission vehicles.”

As goes California, land of the blackouts, so goes the nation — at least, so authoritarians hope.

In September, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced he would sign an executive order requiring sales of all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035…

No wonder so many people are leaving California. Only in a dictatorship could a governor sign a piece of paper and transform transportation, costing society an incalculable sum of money in the name of a demented ideology.

We are asked to believe that forcing everyone to drive unaffordable electric vehicles — which are largely powered by electricity generated by burning coal — will somehow improve the weather by reducing use of fossil fuels. But despite Newsom’s delirious duckspeak about cars causing wildfires and rising sea levels via global warming, no evidence has been presented that banning them would have a measurable effect. It is all about symbolism and pandering to the maniacs comprising the Democrat base.

There are not enough raw materials to produce electric cars for everyone — even just in the UK:

Richard Herrington, the head of earth sciences at the Natural History Museum in London, and … his colleagues looked at the UK’s climate goals and the requirement that all its vehicles be converted to electricity by 2050. They found doing so would require two times the total annual world cobalt production, nearly the entire world production of neodymium, three quarters the world’s lithium production and at least half of the world’s copper production during 2018.

Nor will we have the electric capacity to power them, if Democrats continue their war on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. If electric cars are mandated, the price of electricity will be astronomical. Already it is more expensive to charge a Tesla than to gas up a normal car.

The objective is to deny the liberty of individual transportation to all but the rich. At best, they will let us travel by Zoox on days when there is enough wind to generate sufficient energy.

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Jan 01 2021

Zoox: The Moonbatmobile of Our Volition-Free Future

How will people get around after Democrats have regulated normal cars out of existence? New York magazine wants us to resort to autonomous vehicles controlled by Amazon subsidiary Zoox.

A goofy-looking Zoox minibus seats four. Here’s what’s great about it, besides being electric and not owned by you:

Zoox also doesn’t have a steering wheel. There is no way for a human driver to override its navigation. That’s actually the goal for safety experts: to achieve what’s called “level 5,” or fully autonomous travel, in vehicles with no opportunity for physical human intervention that are limited to 25 miles per hour or less.

The eradication of individual volition is also the goal of social engineers.

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Dec 04 2020

Only the Elite Will Own Cars in Utopia

The liberal elite cannot abide regular Americans owning guns. The same goes for cars, and for the same reasons. Like the ability to defend yourself, the ability to transport yourself wherever you choose to go whenever you choose to go there makes you independent. The independent individual is anathema to progressives. In utopia, only the elite will own vehicles.

According to the rhetoric, soon we will all drive electric cars. But we won’t, because as noted at Patriot Post, it isn’t feasible:

Last year, Professor Richard Herrington of the Natural History Museum in London sent a letter to the British government after he and his colleagues analyzed what it would take to convert that nation’s cars to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2050… They concluded that such a conversion would require, based on 2018 mining levels, the entire world’s production of neodymium, three-quarters of its lithium production, and at least half of its copper production to produce the required number of EVs — just for the UK.

“Conservative” ecomoonbat Boris Johnson promises to ban gasoline and diesel cars by 2030.

Now consider America:

“The U.S. has about 276 million registered motor vehicles, or roughly nine times as many vehicles as the U.K.,” explains columnist Robert Bryce. “Thus, if Herrington’s numbers are right, electrifying all U.S. motor vehicles would require roughly 18 times the world’s current cobalt production, about nine times global neodymium output, nearly seven times global lithium production, and about four times world copper production.”

The mining required would hardly benefit the environment. Neither would generating that much electricity. It’s a good thing for Mother Nature that most of us cannot afford electric cars, even with the subsidies. As Bryce observes, “EVs are still too expensive for low- and middle-income consumers.”

Soon we won’t be able to afford more efficient internal combustion engine (ICE) cars either.

Automotive expert Eric Peters sees the proverbial writing on the wall, noting that “by 2030 not much else that isn’t electric will be built,” and the few cars that aren’t “will have been driven off the roads entirely by regulatory fiat and extortionate/punitive gas and registration fees” by 2040.

In short, he sees a world where government-imposed “polluter taxes” raise gas prices to $10 per gallon, and/or ICE vehicle registration fees to $5,000 per year, making such a vehicle unaffordable for the vast majority of car owners.

If this sounds familiar, you could be thinking of Biden’s flagrantly unconstitutional plans to punish gunowners with special taxes. Democrats also propose punitive taxes on ammunition.

No worries. If we can afford neither efficient cars nor electric ones, we can always take the light rail to go where the planners have decided we should go, according to their schedule. Meanwhile, the ruling class will zip around in Teslas.

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Nov 18 2020

More Expensive to Recharge Tesla Than to Gas Up Car

Teslas may cost a fortune even after government subsidies, but you save in the long run, because you don’t have to buy gasoline, right? Not necessarily. Using the Tesla Supercharger network is more expensive than putting gasoline in a regular car:

[R]echarging even the most efficient Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus – which consumes 18.8kWh/100km, according to figures supplied to the government – would cost $9.78 per 100km using a Supercharger.

A rival BMW 330i costs $8.00 per 100km…

[T]he BMW is 18 per cent cheaper to fuel than a Tesla is to recharge.

No amount of subsidies will make it more efficient to power cars with coal than gasoline.

Wherever Democrats have power, ever more unreasonable green energy mandates compel increasing use of electricity generated from “renewable” sources. Soon it will be cheaper to hire unemployed Americans to carry the car like a palanquin.

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Sep 24 2020

Gavin Newsom Bans Conventional Vehicles

Never assume that Democrats will not follow up on an agenda item that is self-evidently insane. Where they have consolidated unchallenged power, there is no limit to the lunatic tyranny they will inflict. California is a case in point.

Only 10 years ago, California had a Republican governor (if you want to count Arnold Schwarzenegger as Republican). Only 45 years ago, Ronald Reagan was the governor. But due largely to demographic changes, Democrats will control the state for the foreseeable future, no matter how poorly they rule. So they rule like this:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday signed an executive order to ban gas-powered cars and trucks in California by 2035…

Barks Newsom:

“This is the most impactful step our state can take to fight climate change. … Cars shouldn’t melt glaciers or raise sea levels threatening our cherished beaches and coastlines.”

No serious person could believe that banning cars in California will have a perceptible effect on sea levels.

Electric cars are mainly powered by fossil fuels anyway, since wind and solar generate nowhere near enough electricity, and leftists consider nuclear energy politically unclean. Manufacturing the batteries for electric cars is environmentally devastating.

Banning regular cars is economically crippling tyranny for its own sake.

Damage to the economy isn’t a bug; it’s a feature. The Great Depression and FDR would have kept each other going indefinitely if World War II had not intervened. The economic crash of 2008 swept Barack Obama into power; his policies stalled recovery for years. Trump was coasting to reelection until overreaction to COVID-19 caused the economy to crash again. What is bad for the economy is good for the Democratic Party.

Stand by to see if California Democrats ban electricity next. By then, these people could control the whole country. Already, a far-left California Democrat is running for de facto president.

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