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Sep 18 2020

Oxford Museum Removes Displays to Advance Decolonization

All information that could be construed as unflattering to favored groups must be erased. This is bad news for any anthropologists who are more loyal to their field than to moonbattery. The Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford has thrown its collection of shrunken heads down the memory hole, explicitly for purposes of political correctness — or as curator Marenka Thompson-Odlum puts it, “decolonization.”

Via Fox News:

The museum, known as one of the world’s leading institutions for anthropology, ethnography and archaeology, had faced charges of racism and cultural insensitivity because it continued to display the items, The Associated Press reported. Museum director Laura Van Broekhoven told the outlet that visitors of the museum viewed the displays as “testament to other cultures being ‘savage’, ‘primitive’ or ‘gruesome’” and “reinforced racist and stereotypical thinking.”

Reality itself reinforces stereotypical thinking. That’s why pattern recognition causes stereotypes to exist. Therefore, reality must be banned.

Fake displays of what it would make liberals feel self-righteous to pretend savages were like will be required to fill the empty display cases. Maybe they can replace the shrunken heads with displays of the iPhones manufactured in backward jungles.

Roughly 2,800 human remains are now in storage as the museum contacts communities from where the remains came from to address either returning them or for different treatment of them while in the museum’s care.

“Different treatment” may entail the dumpster out back. Otherwise, there is no way to ensure that future racists won’t display the artifacts.

The remains … were acquired by the museum at different times since its foundation in 1884…

Museums embody culture. It takes a lot longer to build a culture than it does to tear one down or erase it.

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