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Dec 16 2020

Paris Authorities Fined for Not Hiring Enough Men

“Equality” is often used to euphemize identity politics favoritism. This becomes problematic when people take the concept too literally. Business Insider provides an example:

Paris authorities on Tuesday were fined $110,000 for employing too many women in senior positions in 2018.

The authorities put 11 women and five men in senior positions in 2018, meaning that nearly 70% of the appointments went to women. This breached a national law on gender parity.

The “Sauvadet law,” repealed in 2019, said no more than 60% of appointments at senior levels should go to one gender.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo has denounced the fine as absurd and unfair, not because people should be appointed based on more meaningful qualifications than gender, but because too much discrimination against men is still not enough.

Barks Hidalgo:

“We must promote women with determination and vigor because the gap everywhere in France is still very large. So yes, in order to achieve parity one day, it is necessary to speed up the tempo and make sure that in the nominations there are more women than men.”

Gender parity will not be achieved until all positions are held by women, just as racial parity will not be achieved until all positions are held by nonwhites.

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