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Jun 01 2023

Parody Account Gets AOC’s Goat

Now that leftists are the establishment, the tactics they used to achieve power can be employed by the normal people who have been marginalized into insurgents. Saul Alinsky was as creepy as other moonbats, but he was a gifted strategist. He understood that an entrenched ruling class is vulnerable to ridicule. This weapon is all the more effective nowadays, because our rulers are so conspicuously absurd.

Take for example the shrieking leftist simpleton Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, extolled by the media and the Chairman of the DNC as the Future of the Democratic Party. That future is now the present; AOC has become the establishment. Here’s how to take that establishment down:

The only downside to this strategy is that if it doesn’t work and Democrats continue to consolidate power, whoever is running @AOCpress will end up getting their fingernails pulled out in an FBI basement.

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