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Jun 06 2021

Energy Industry Pushes Back Against North Face

The fossil fuel industry is second only to agriculture in importance. We rely on it not only to keep from freezing or dying from the heat, for transportation, for communication, and to keep the economy from absolute collapse, but for the petrochemical materials most everything around us is at least partially made of.

Yet leftists demonize this crucial industry. Biden’s handlers have been systematically choking the life out of it (e.g., here, here, and here). Posturing moonbats of the type who run companies like North Face sanctimoniously treat it as a pariah.

Finally, the industry is showing solidarity and pushing back against the liberal frauds who would have us freezing naked in the dark for the sake of their deranged and malevolent ideology:

That excellent video is only part of a countermoonbat campaign:

Chris Wright, the CEO of Denver-based Liberty Oilfield Services, is spearheading the campaign by putting up billboards around North Face’s Denver offices and launching a website and social media campaign, dubbed “Thank you, North Face.”

The idea for the campaign started after North Face denied an order of jackets to a Texas oil and gas company [i.e., Innovex] reportedly because the popular fleece maker did not want its outdoor brand affiliated with the fossil fuel business.

Whereas the world could very happily exist without moonbats, North Face could not exist for a day without the oil and gas industry.

Fossil fuels are needed to make the petrochemicals that are used in the plastics, nylon, climbing ropes and more that North Face sells, Wright says. Oil and gas products fuel the factories that manufacture the goods. And fossil fuels are the backbone for shipping North Face products around the world.

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” wrote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Possibly inspired by these words, the leftists who have subverted every major institution including most corporations are destroying America by turning it against itself with their insane ideology. It is too late to play defense. We need to push back — hard, constantly, and with no apologies. Their conspicuous hypocrisy is a target painted on every progressive’s forehead.

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Jun 02 2021

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Tanner Cross

They say courage is contagious. Let’s all catch some from Tanner Cross, a phys ed teacher in Loudoun County, Virginia, where the schools have been subverted by leftist social engineers (see here, here, and here). He was suspended for proclaiming his Christian faith as he insisted on referring to students by their biologically correct pronouns.

Instead of issuing the conventional groveling apology, which would then be followed by his formal firing, Cross is fighting back with a lawsuit:

At a school board meeting on May 25, Byron Tanner Cross, a physical education teacher at Leesburg Elementary School, said he will not “affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion. It’s lying to a child. It’s abuse to a child, and it’s sinning against our God.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is representing Cross and said that two days after making his comments, Cross received a letter stating that he was being placed on administrative leave “pending an investigation of allegations that [he] engaged in conduct that had a disruptive impact on the operations of Leesburg Elementary School.”

The ADF pointed out that this suspension violates his First Amendment rights and requested that Cross be reinstated.

Accustomed to getting their way, leftist educrats refused. So it heads to court.

“I love all of my students, but I would never lie to them, regardless of the consequences,” [Cross] said. “I am a teacher, but I serve God first.”

Is it permissible to call a boy “him” and a girl “her” in contravention of liberal ideology, and even to profess Christian faith at a school board meeting? Or does that conduct have too much of a disruptive impact on progressive social engineering schemes? Stay tuned.

Watch the aptly named Cross get himself suspended.

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May 20 2021

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Matt Siegel

The reason leftists can use cancel culture to muzzle dissent from their grotesque agenda is that people are too cowed by political correctness to push back. Fortunately, there are exceptions who can serve as examples to inspire the rest of us to resistance — like Boston’s Matt Siegel:

Siegel, the longtime host of “Matty in the Morning” on Kiss 108 in Boston, was back on the air Thursday morning, a day after he appeared to have quit.

Siegel told listeners Thursday he “snapped” Wednesday, after he was told to stop talking about Demi Lovato regarding the singer’s announcement that they [her preferred pronouns are now “they/them”] now identify as non-binary.

When a call came to stop laughing at Lovato, rather than issue the standard cringing apology for poking fun at transsexual absurdity, Siegel walked off his own show, leaving the impression that he would not be back.

During the segment Wednesday, Siegel told his audience he did not want to continue on air if there were limits on what he could talk about.

Afterward, management talked him into returning.

“Of course I talked to my wife about it and I talked with the company and the company told me that, they basically said please don’t quit. And they said that I have total support from them and freedom to say what I want. So I kind of won that battle,” Seigel said.

He won it on behalf of everyone who wants to speak freely like an American.

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May 19 2021

Ten-Year-Old Schools School Board on Mask Madness

After this lesson from fourth grader John Provenzano, the hysterical Covid tyrants running the schools in Martin County, Florida won’t be able to sit down for a week:

There was never any sane reason to make kids wear masks, much less to close schools. Smart children can figure out that this is crazy; why can’t Democrats?

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

May 16 2021

One Photo Sums Up Israel–Gaza Conflict

Wherever there is a clear distinction between good and evil, civilization and savagery, our ears will be subjected to the strident screeching of moonbats who piously side with the latter. Sky News Australia’s Rowan Dean provides moral clarity on the terror war being waged against Israel with the financial support of the Biden Regime:

On a tip from Troy H.

Apr 26 2021

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Brandon Tatum

At this point, liberals seem all powerful. But they are flawed, and many of their flaws represent points of vulnerability. For example, they believe that all members of favored “oppressed” groups will conform to expectations in exchange for special privileges. Not everyone is willing to make this bargain, as a BBC propagandist discovered when he interviewed former Tucson police officer Brandon Tatum:

One Brandon Tatum is worth more to society than all the Joe Bidens who ever lived.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Daily Wire.

Apr 06 2021

Poetic Justice for Black Lives Matter in Hungary

Even in these dark times, there are parts of the world where moonbattery does not prevail. Hungary, for example.

Black Lives Matter and its Antifa allies are famous for defacing and tearing down statues of great men who represent the civilization they are committed to destroying, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, and many more. In Hungary, BLM reaped as it has sown:

[Last Friday], a rainbow-coloured statue in honour of the Black Lives Matter movement was inaugurated in Budapest.

Not everyone was pleased.

Our Homeland Movement … said the statue was “an anti-European, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and anti-Christian symbol”.

Hungarians appear to know more about Black Lives Matter than Americans who rely on the MSM for news.

It was planned that the rainbow-coloured statue would have been displayed until April 14th. However, in the time since the statue was erected, the statue was fenced up, then doused with paint, and demolished and smashed on Friday morning.

It was hit by three separate attacks and destroyed within hours of its unveiling. What goes around comes around.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 04 2021

How to Deal With Covid Nazis

Up in Calgary, a countermoonbat from Poland demonstrates how to respond if the Covid Police invade your place of worship:

Resisting tyranny won’t get any easier as it consolidates around us. Pushback has to start right now.

On a tip from Henry.

Mar 31 2021

Primal: Animated Countermoonbattery

Meanwhile, as the liberal establishment wages war against “toxic masculinity” and presents Harry Styles as a role model, masculinity continues to be celebrated by those who have not succumbed to moonbattery. The animated series Primal by Russian-born Genndy Tartakovsky is a case in point:

This strikes quite a contrast to the degenerate, demasculinizing crapola that comprises the standard television diet.

On a tip from Jack S.

Mar 23 2021

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand may have been born in Russia, but no one has been more American since the time of the Founding Fathers. She articulated the quintessentially American belief that life is not only miserable but meaningless without individual liberty. Her epic Atlas Shrugged has never been more relevant, now that we live under Mr Thompson, I mean Biden.

Gloria Alvarez of the Objective Standard Institute provides a short introduction to an essential countermoonbat:

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Mar 09 2021

Countermoonbat Rap: Tom MacDonald

If you are looking for popular music with a countermoonbat point of view and Hank Williams Jr isn’t your style, you might prefer something more contemporary, like Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald. With the sound off, his video of “Clown World” looks as creepily degenerate as Cardi B, Lady Gaga, or anything else excreted by today’s liberal entertainment establishment. But check out the lyrics. Highlights:

Entire generation offended at everything
Getting mad that a human thinks all lives matter …
Trump can’t build a wall, why does your house have a fence?
I believe in two genders, I’m not mad at the rest
I’m just confused when a dude has a beard and some breasts …
I don’t hate all police, no
I don’t think that the system’s racist …
And half of the country hates all of the nation, it’s
Funny that we think the world owes us something
All the phones got smart but the people so dumb
We care more about the likes on a selfie than our moms…
United States is great regardless, that’s what we forgot in here
Black lives matter, all lives matter, what’s all this division for
It’s modern segregation, this is setting up a civil war …
They tell you, “Be yourself”, and then they judge you on the internet
Till everybody hates you for it
If Jesus was alive, I swear to God that y’all would cancel him

Not exactly wholesome, but encouraging all the same:

On a tip from Troy H.

Mar 09 2021

Countermoonbat Vocabulary: Superstraight, Blue Anon

As detailed in 1984 and implemented on a regular basis by the liberal establishment, modern totalitarianism entails controlling culture and even thoughts by controlling language. Finally, countermoonbats have learned to fight back. Instead of banning old terms, they invent new ones, like “superstraight” and “Blue Anon.”

According to woke ideology, heterosexual men must be willing to date men who claim they are women, or be subjected to cancelation on grounds of the thought crime “transphobia.” Countermoonbats have responded by identifying as “superstraight,” meaning that they are attracted only to members of the opposite sex who really are members of the opposite sex.

Moonbats have created over 100 sexual identities. Surely normal people can create just one.

Progressives reacted with blistering rage:

Not the Bee sees endless possibilities:

The great thing is that you can add “super” to anything.

• Don’t like the hierarchies of Marxist oppression in intersectionality? Try super-intersectionality, where you respect everyone at the smallest identity group: the individual!

• Are people telling you to be antiracist? Then say you identify as super-antiracist, where you believe all ethnic groups are equally capable of racism, and it’s all bad!

The media continues to hyperventilate over the imaginary threat posed by QAnon. Those looking for truly dangerous conspiracy kooks are directed to Blue Anon, which is made up of nuts who disseminate disinformation regarding the racist aggression of the Covington kids, the oppression of Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace, Brett Kavanaugh’s career as a sex criminal, the continued menace to democracy posed by Buffalo Guy, and of course Russia Russia Russia:

Not only Urban Dictionary but also Google censored the term “Blue Anon,” so unnerving do liberal establishmentarians find the idea of regular Americans pushing back on the language front. Ridicule has apparently compelled both to back down and undisappear the term.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 04 2021

Seth Jahn, Athlete With Guts

For the past year, it has seemed that all athletes not only embrace the far-left point of view, but that they consider it appropriate to physically genuflect to the pro-criminal Marxist black supremacists who spent much of 2020 rioting, looting, and destroying our country. But individuals still exist, even in an age of conformity and collectivism. However, nails that stand up are quickly hammered down.

Army vet and Paralympian soccer player Seth Jahn was thrown off the Athlete Council of the US Soccer Federation, explicitly for racism, for making a statement against giving the green light for American athletes to kneel to Black Lives Matter when the national anthem is played.

Despite getting in big trouble, John refused to issue the standard groveling apology.

Via Fox News:

“I will never apologize for the statements I made, and will never bow down to the mob mentality of intimidation, bullying or the social media warrior’s gestapo tactics. I’m embarrassed to represent a hypocritical federation that conducts a complete assault on diversity of thought without even seeking clarifying statements from me in their smear campaign. I’m embarrassed at the cowardice of so-called friends who bent over to the mob, knowing very well the quality of my character, in order to preserve their own image,” Jahn wrote.

Jahn has received what he describes as overwhelming support, but he has also received over 30 death threats. He denies that he said anything “racist,” not that the word has any meaning at this point.

“The one point I will clarify is that when I stated that a small percentage of people in our country are responsible for the terrors of slavery hundreds of years ago, of which 400,000+ men died to abolish under our nation’s flag, I was in no way minimizing the horrors of slavery, I was simply illuminating the misplaced rage and squandered opportunities to bring to light the tens of millions of people who are enslaved TODAY … more so than any point in history.”

A little background on Jahn:

He was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan three times and was injured in 2010. He started training with the U.S. Paralympics National Soccer Team in 2014 and competed for Team SOCOM in the 2013 Warriors Games. He also competed for Team USA in the 2016 Paralympics.

None of this counts in the eyes of the Athlete Council. He stands denounced as a racist and is no longer a member of polite society.

That’s why athletes who don’t have guts kneel.

On a tip from fsy.

Feb 17 2021

RIP Rush Limbaugh

What an inspiration. Rush Limbaugh kept fighting to the end. He has passed away at the age of 70 after a long battle with lung cancer.

The Blaze tips its hat:

El Rushbo was a pioneer in the radio industry, leading the way to get conservative and Republican issues and voices heard around the nation. He worked around the liberal monolith of the broadcast networks and the stranglehold Democrats had on the public airways.

Bad as moonbattery has gotten in this country, it would be a lot worse if not for Rush Limbaugh.

Deafness couldn’t stop him. Not even lung cancer could stop him until he was actually dead. For the past year, his tenacity could make you gasp in amazement every time he came on the air. The guy had so much fight in him, there was no room for self-pity.

Countermoonbats owe it to Rush to follow his example as best we can.

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