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Jun 10 2021

Paul Joseph Watson on Salvatore Garau’s Invisible Art

In the video below, Paul Joseph Watson explains how the previously mentioned Salvatore Garau has applied a tactic called “artistic obscurantism” to rake in money for nothing. This technique bullies the weak into going along with his scam lest they seem unenlightened, while jacking up the perceived value of literally worthless “art.”

Maybe there is more to nonexistent art than a scam. Unless he believes his own BS, Garau really is an artist, and not only a con artist, in the sense that he reflects an important truth about the times we live in. As PJW puts it,

“What does it say about the vacuousness of our times that 500 years after the jaw-dropping majesty of the David statue, our generation’s David is a banana gaffer-taped to a wall? Does Salvatore Garau have any self-awareness? Is him cashing in on literally nothing a genuine work of comedic performance art? According to Garau, his art represents a perfect metaphor of our days. Couldn’t have put it better myself.”

Academia has applied the obscurantism approach to even more pernicious effect, at a vastly higher cost borne by not only willful dupes but the entire public. It is harder to excuse liberal arts professors on the grounds that they could be passing off nonsense as wisdom to make a deliberate point.

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