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Jan 28 2019

Nonsense on Stilts

The expression “nonsense on stilts” has taken concrete form in Petaluma, California. San Francisco artist Brian Goggin has been commissioned to place five bathtubs atop stilts up to 24 feet high on a riverside esplanade.

“They should use this money to fix potholes.” said Julie Black, a bartender who stopped to check out a mock-up of Mr. Goggin’s installation.

As with most wasteful government spending, there are some who approve:

Mary Jarvis, a 70-year-old retiree, wore a button that urged, “Let the Tubs Rise.” She said: “I like the whimsy of it. It makes me laugh.”

Taxpayers won’t be laughing if one of the bathtubs comes down on someone’s head, prompting a $zillion lawsuit. The installation itself costs $150,000.

A fake tub was raised for the dry run mockup…

The action was accompanied by a man beating a drum. Once the canvas tub was in place, the drummer, Ed Holmes, turned to the crowd and said: “If you want to ponder, ‘What the hell does this mean?’ do so at this time.”

We know what it means; it means public money is frivolously wasted by lunatics.

When Goggin addressed the crowd by bullhorn in an attempt to win over skeptics,

A young man in the back shouted, “Go back to San Francisco!”

Too late. Like Los Angeles, San Francisco is so full of moonbattery that it is sloshing over the sides to flood the rest of the state — and the rest of the country.

A GoFundMe page by opponents of the bathtubs has raised over $4,000. But you can’t fight city hall.

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Jan 26 2019

Obscurantism, Moonbattery, and Modern Art

Liberal ideology, particularly as it is promulgated by universities, is similar to modern art in that both are manifestations of moonbattery that rely heavily on obscurantism to dupe the gullible. Understand what a useless, pernicious, and contemptible racket modern art is, and you may understand the same regarding the dogma of the prevailing intelligentsia.

Paul Joseph Watson offers some help (the usual language warning applies):

Modern art has made real art all but impossible in the modern world. Modern liberalism is doing the same to anything classical liberals like the Founding Fathers would recognize as liberalism.

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Jan 15 2019

Blasphemy at Haifa Museum of Art

People who hate Israel want to give it the South Africa treatment through the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. To garner support, Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, et al. ought to stop bleating about allegedly oppressed terrorists and instead show people what is on display at the Haifa Museum of Art. From the Holy Land:

Hundreds of Christians protested outside the Haifa Museum of Art in Israel on Friday against Jani Leinonen’s McJesus sculpture of a crucified Ronald McDonald, conflating the American fast-food chain with the crucifixion. Yet the Finnish artist insists that he requested the work be removed from the museum’s Sacred Goods exhibition (until 17 February) last September and that it is on display against his wishes.

For a change Christians are pushing back; the protests have escalated to violent clashes with the police. But the government-funded museum has refused to remove the blasphemous work, despite requests from local Christian leaders and from Leinonen, who ironically wants his juvenile work removed because he has joined the BDS movement. It is doubtful that the museum features sacrilegious insults against Judaism or Islam.

Before we get mad enough at Israel to support BDS ourselves, we should keep in mind that taxpayer-supported museums in the USA have featured Piss Christ (a crucifix submersed in urine) and The Holy Virgin of Mary (Mary as painted by untalented child, surrounded by dirty pictures cut out of porno magazines and clots of elephant dung). Anger might be more constructively aimed at the moonbattery that has rotted the arts community to the core, and at the illegitimate use of public money to fund art.

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