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Feb 11 2024

Pedophile Gets Lenient Sentence for Being Transsexual

It isn’t only in the USA that transsexuals are rewarded for their politically favored perversion with kid glove treatment from the legal system after committing crimes against children. From Germany:

The Hersbruck district court has granted an owner of numerous child pornography files a penalty bonus because he identifies as a trans person. The judge believed the defendant’s statement that he had possessed the images for reasons of “finding his identity” and not because of his sexual desire.

The self-proclaimed “trans woman” got off with a suspended sentence of one year and two months for possessing more than 70 child pornography files. …

According to the testimony of a police officer, the confiscated images included “naked genitals and sexual acts”. These included images of an underage girl being forced to perform oral sex, as reported by newspaper Nürnberger Nachrichten.

That’s okay. He was just exploring his sacred trans identity. If you don’t approve, you are a hater and subject to cancelation.

It was only after the raid [that uncovered the kiddy porn] that the accused made his alleged transgender identity public.

Something all accused sex criminals are likely to keep in mind.


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