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Apr 27 2023

Pedophiles May Become Protected Class in Minnesota

Whimpering pleas for acceptance quickly escalate to outlandish demands dictated to the rest of society once a group previously viewed with contempt achieves protected status. Pedophiles are climbing fast. In Minnesota, a transsexual state legislator has proposed an amendment that would allow those with “sexual attachment to children” to be classified as a protected sexual orientation:

Leigh Finke, 41, is an elected Representative to Minnesota House District 66A and is cited as a chief author of HF 1655, a bill which seeks to establish gender identity as a protected category and aims to remove rights act sections of existing legislation “that allow for discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

Under “equity,” all of us are equal, but those who are “protected” are a lot more equal than you. They are first hired and last fired. Criticism of them is not permitted. Their interests are prioritized.

Applying sexual perversion to children is both an objective and a vehicle:

Finke was elected as a state representative last year after campaigning on a platform which largely consisted of guaranteeing medical interventions for gender non-conforming minors, including drugs which halt puberty, while referring to this demographic as “trans youth.”

The alarming focus on children that characterizes the LGBT movement is especially pronounced in Finke:

Finke held several rallies for “trans kids” in the months leading up to the voting date, and the first bill that he authored as an elected official, the Trans Refuge Bill, or HF 146, allows minors from outside the state to receive puberty blockers and hormones within Minnesota. The bill was passed on April 24 and allows the state courts to have “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over children who enter Minnesota “to obtain gender-affirming health care.”

Parents have no say in their children’s bodies being irreversibly deformed, once they are in the clutches of the leftists running Minnesota. After all, kids are not their parents’ kids; they are the government’s kids.

Finke’s message to children who fall prey to grooming is explicit:

“Don’t listen to your parents!”

He advises that children should “limit contact with any adult” who fails to affirm their “queerness” and recommends that they visit “queer sex shops.”

In addition to pedophilia, Finke also supports the transsexual violence that has become epidemic (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.) — specifically to promote the transsexualization of children:

Finke has also made statements in support of rioting and posted an image to his Facebook profile suggesting that it is necessary to “arm trans people.” He mentioned the potential for violence during a speech at Hamline Methodist in reference to a “torrent of anti-trans legislation” which seeks to restrict medical interventions for minors. Finke stated it was necessary to “protect trans kids,” and asserted that in the near future, “there will be more riots.”

Guys like this are fêted by the liberal establishment:

Last month, Finke was awarded the title of Woman of the Year by USA Today.

They are writing laws the rest of us have to live under.

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