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Jul 29 2022

Pelosi Is Losing It Too

Maybe we shouldn’t be terrified that nothing comes out of Joe Biden off-teleprompter except senile gibberish. After all, no one expected him to actually be in charge. They call it “ObamaCare” for political reasons, but Nancy Pelosi was the driving force who created Obama’s supposed signature achievement. She is probably still wearing the pants in the party, considering the leadership vacuum in the White House. As noted earlier,

Pelosi is #3 in the command structure and the only one in the top three with an IQ above room temperature, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being idiot stooges apparently chosen in the belief that they would be easy to manipulate.

Like Biden, she is a leftist and corrupt, but despite being 82 years old she is at least mentally coherent enough to — hold on…

Yeah, we’re in trouble.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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