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Jan 09 2023

Pentagon Prioritizes Erasing Southerners

The reason the USA was able to reunite and become cohesive after the Civil War is that the North had enough grace to respect and honor the vanquished. The leftists now running the federal government have no such grace:

The Department of Defense said last week that Pentagon officials began working on renaming military infrastructure tied to the Confederate States of America by the start of 2024.

Officials announced plans to rename nine U.S. Army bases, two U.S. Navy ships, and more than 1,000 items on American military installations.

Barks Pentagon spokesperson Brigadier General Pat Ryder:

“I think we are confident, you know, each of the services has clear instructions in terms of what it is that they need to focus on…”

Yes, under the direction of leftists like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, and Commander in Chief Joe Biden, each of the services is well aware of what to focus on: promoting moonbattery. Meanwhile, our communist Chinese adversaries build and plot and laugh.

How much will this exercise in militantly intolerant political correctness cost the taxpayer?

Ryder did not disclose the total cost of the project. However, the Naming Commission’s final report calculated the amount to be approximately $62.5 million.

The national debt is well over $31 TRILLION and rocketing upward. Reckless government spending is holding inflation above 7%. But the Biden Regime has priorities that take precedence over our economic well-being, like defeating the Confederate States of America, which ceased to exist 158 years ago.

If Southerners had expected that they would be contemptuously erased from history, their highly developed sense of honor might have prevented them from surrendering in their quest for independence. Fighting a guerrilla campaign to the last man would have been preferable.

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