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Feb 05 2021

Military Stand-Down for Ideological Purge

The consequences of having a Commander in Chief who is a figurehead for radical leftists could be devastating for the US military, which plans to go on standby so that the ranks can be purged of those whose views clash with woke ideology.

From Stars and Stripes:

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told top Pentagon leaders Wednesday that he will direct a military-wide stand down to address extremism within the ranks, according to his top spokesman.

As we have learned over the past month, “extremism” encompasses any viewpoint to the right of the liberal media/Biden Administration.

Austin spoke frankly with the acting service secretaries and uniformed service chiefs about his concerns about extremism in the military, including white supremacism, said [Pentagon spokesman John] Kirby, who attended the meeting. The new defense secretary, who is the first Black leader of the Defense Department, wants the service leaders to better grasp how pervasive the issue is within their formations and work with leaders to stamp it out, Kirby said.

“White supremacism” can be translated to mean, “not on board with critical race theory.” If you are white and do not feel that you deserve to be discriminated against for the sake of equity, you are a white supremacist.

The leaders concurred with Austin’s belief the issue was problematic and perhaps more pervasive than past Pentagon officials have known, Kirby said.

The leaders probably concurred with this because the top levels of the officer corps were purged under Obama. Now the brass is more interested in inflicting social justice and environmentalist posturing than it is in winning wars.

The time has come to purge the enlisted ranks too. Our rulers do not want to risk troops getting ideologically squishy when ordered to fire on American citizens for refusing to turn in their firearms. Just ask Rep Steve Cohen (D-TN), who frets that the military is infested with people who probably voted for Trump because they are white men.

The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, which sets annual Pentagon policy and spending priorities, contained measures meant to help the department address the issue, including the creation of a new position within the department’s inspector general’s office — the deputy inspector general for diversity and inclusion and supremacist, extremism and criminal gang activity. Congress also charged the inspector general with establishing a “mechanism to track and report” extremist or gang activity in the military.

Better not get caught with a MAGA hat in your footlocker. Supporting a recent president could be viewed as gang activity.

Ironically, the same wokesters who are on the warpath against so-called extremists use the military as a social engineering laboratory to advance an agenda that really is extreme, as Biden demonstrated with an executive order imposing the transsexual agenda on the military.

Meanwhile, as noted at Legal Insurrection,

A Chinese military drill was announced as an American aircraft carrier group entered the contested South China Sea. …

This is on top of the news that the US has sent a military convoy into Syria and Iran is holding its fifth military drill in 2 weeks.

I suspect these nations will benefit more from the stand down than our country and the men and women serving in our armed forces.

The Trump policy of avoiding senseless wars has been rejected. Yet the military will be too busy conducting ideological witch hunts and imposing the LGBT wish list to fight effectively. The Titanic is closing in on an iceberg.

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