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Nov 22 2022

Report on What Democrats Are Doing to US Military

At last a little light is shining on the social engineers who have been using wokeness to debilitate American armed forces. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) have issued a report finding that indoctrinating the US military with Critical Race Theory and LGBT ideology has significantly weakened it:

The report finds that instructors at military academies use “antiracist” approaches to education that direct soldiers to center their understanding of American society on an acknowledgment of its racist past and present, the report said.

“Antiracist” means “racist against America’s core population.”

Kelisa Wing, the chief diversity equity and inclusivity officer at the Department of Defense, has tweeted she is “exhausted with these White folx” and suggested Black people are incapable of racism…

More on professional racist Kelisa Wing here.

Bishop Garrison, another diversity official at the agency, has promoted elements of critical race theory through his praise of the 1619 Project, a controversial education project that describes slavery at the core of American history.

Imagine our national defense in the hands of people who have in affect been indoctrinated by the New York Times.

This focus on diversity, the Republicans’ report notes, even extends to the United States Special Operations Command, which oversees special operations conducted for national security. That group’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which all agencies were required to submit in response to an executive order from Biden, stated that “leaders must integrate diversity and inclusion efforts into unit goals, mission objectives, talent management initiatives and operational priorities for a successful implementation.”

Under Democrat rule the military strives not for combat effectiveness but to advance Cultural Marxism and the LGBT agenda.

The report also notes that the military covers the costs of transgender procedures for its members and allows them to serve as transgender and use the bathroom of their preferred gender. Military recruitment videos in recent years have touted the military’s inclusivity to LGBT members with the use of the rainbow pride flag.

George Patton vomits in his grave.

A U.S. military base in Germany this year scheduled a drag queen story hour for children…

Not falling under Democrat rule, the Chinese army likely finds other uses for its time than immersing small children in degeneracy and sexual perversion.

Roy notes that “Biden’s woke Pentagon is using taxpayer dollars to promote blatant anti-American ideology.” This has not helped recruitment efforts, but it fits with the agenda.

Readers will recall that upon taking office Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced a military-wide stand-down to root out “extremists.” An extremist is someone who joined the military to defend America and the Constitution from its enemies foreign and domestic.

Liberals can’t push their agenda much farther without disarming us. Who is going kick down your door and snatch away your AR-15? Beto O’Rourke? Chris Hayes?

Local police can’t be trusted, especially after Democrats have spent the past several years demonizing and hamstringing them. The military will be required. But it will have to be staffed with people willing to follow orders a patriot would refuse to obey. The purges and the social engineering are intended to drive such people out.

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