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Oct 07 2020

People Vote With Their Feet for Red States Over Blue States

Electoral votes are distorted not only by fraud but by liberal media brainwashing. Our more meaningful votes are cast with our feet.

On the ballot are red states, with a platform of conservative, small government, free market policies, featuring low taxes, light regulation, tough on crime policing, and worker freedom; and blue states, with a liberal/left, big-government approach, featuring high taxes, heavy regulations, high minimum wages, and mandatory union membership.

As economist Stephen Moore observes, red states are prospering, whereas blue states are in meltdown. It is no surprise that people have been pouring out of blue states into red ones:

Tragically, many who follow the job opportunities into red states bring their blue state politics with them. If this continues, there will soon be nowhere left to run without leaving the country. The USA will fall into steep decline.

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