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Oct 07 2022

Pfizer Sponsors Marvel Covid Jab Propaganda for Kids

No one will be surprised to hear that Marvel is once again subordinating children’s entertainment to the promotion of leftist politics, but can you believe that even now they are trying to brainwash kids into nagging Mom and Dad for the Covid jab?

Pfizer has partnered with Marvel to create a comic book to urge people to get their Covid booster vaccines and be an ‘everyday hero’.

The PR stunt comes amid a sluggish autumn jab rollout that has seen less than one in 20 eligible Americans receive their Omicron-specific shot.

Maybe that is because there is no sane reason to vaccinate children against a mild variant of a receding virus when the experimental vaccine is probably more likely to do them serious harm than the virus is.

Democrats have used a heavy hand to force people to get vaxxed even when it makes no sense for them. However, by now even Joe Biden, who has milked the ChiCom virus for the last drop of authoritarian pretext, has admitted that the pandemic is over.

Pfizer is also pushing for its new bivalent booster vaccine to be approved for children aged five to 11.

It’s almost as if Pfizer wants to make money regardless of public health. Imagine the firehose of cash it has been pouring into Democrat coffers.

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