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Sep 03 2023

Police Harass Senior Lady for Taking Wrong Picture

Never mind expressing forbidden thoughts; even taking a picture of someone else’s expression is thoughtcrime, punishable by an intimidating visit from police:

A senior woman in the United Kingdom was visited by police after being caught taking a photograph of a sticker critical of gender ideology. Eve, whose identity is being protected at her request, was questioned at her home for over 30 minutes by officers of the West Yorkshire Police. …

Eve explained that the ordeal began in March after she spotted a sticker she thought was interesting while on a walk. The small sticker, which read “Keep Males Out Of Women-Only Spaces” had been placed on top of a large trans pride poster outside of Happy Valley Pride, a Hebden Bridge pride organization.

A month later, cops came knocking on the door. At least it wasn’t the FBI, so they didn’t kick the door down and use flashbangs.

Eve is in her 70s. The visit alarmed her because she assumed they must be there to give her tragic news. In the olden days, British police were public servants.

Turns out someone at Happy Valley Pride had seen her snap the picture and ratted her out to authorities. They subjected Eve to what she described as a “sermon,” no doubt explaining that the government regards her opinions as unacceptable. Eve admits that she has expressed pro-woman thoughts on Facebook.

Nothing as freakishly unnatural not to mention disgusting as LGBT doctrine will be accepted as normal without force. If intimidation doesn’t work, stronger measures will be employed, as when the same West Yorkshire Police ruthlessly hauled off an autistic child in Leeds, traumatizing her because she had accidently committed what one officer regarded as homophobia.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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