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May 19 2021

Profiles in Covid Tyranny: Dr Zubaida Haque

Some of the experts who have been grinding even the most basic liberties under their heels in the name of Covid are not as expert as you might expect. For example, Dr Zubaida Haque appeared on Good Morning Britain Tuesday to denounce the government for beginning to ease lockdown restrictions. Haque is a member of Independent SAGE, which describes itself as “a group of scientists who are working together to provide independent scientific advice to the UK government and public on how to minimise deaths and support Britain’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.”

The Telegraph reports:

Dr Zubaida Haque, a founding member of the group, specialises in racial equality and has been involved with various government-commissioned reports on welfare issues. …

It was one of Dr Haque’s many TV interviews and newspaper columns since the pandemic began, ranging in scope from vaccine passports and the reopening of schools to financial support for low-paid workers needing to self-isolate.

She has no qualifications related to virology, epidemiology, or any other branch of medicine. Her PhD thesis was entitled, “Exploring the Validity and Possible Causes of the Apparently Poor Performances of Bangladeshi Students in British Secondary Schools.” Let me guess; racism is to blame.

Like “Dr” Jill Biden and communist/war criminal/ChiCom tool/World Health Organization Director-General “Dr” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the honorific before her name signifies that she holds a doctorate in moonbattery, not that she is a medical doctor or particularly intelligent.

However, she is a left-wing Woman of Color, so it would be racist and sexist not to accede to her demands.

She now works for the Hamilton Commission, an organisation set up by Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton to improve the representation of Black people in UK motorsport.

It is doubtful that Dr Zubaida accomplishes this objective by helping them to drive faster. Merit is racist.

In the future, people will carry lemon meringue pies with them at all times so that they can respond appropriately whenever a petty tyrant starts to squawk, “I’m an expert, and in the name of science I demand…”

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