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May 19 2021

Lori Lightfoot Won’t Talk to White Reporters

Liberals shriek incessantly about racism. Yet they can provide no contemporary examples. This forces them to rely on hate hoaxes, and to shoehorn into their critical race theory narrative events that have nothing to do with racism, such as the demise of violent black criminals who die while resisting arrest.

Their problem is that they look in the wrong places. If you want to find systemic racism, don’t look to local police officers, who don’t have much influence on the overall system anyway. Look to people with real power, like Lori Lightfoot, mayor of America’s third-largest city:

Mary Ann Ahern — a political reporter for NBC affiliate WMAQ-TV in Chicago — tweeted that Lightfoot’s spokeswoman said the mayor “is granting 1 on 1 interviews — only to Black or Brown journalists.”

This has been confirmed:

Paris Schultz — “Chicago Tonight” co-anchor and political correspondent for WTTW-TV — reacted to Ahern’s news regarding Lightfoot granting interviews only to reporters of color by tweeting that he “was told the same thing.” …

Heather Cherone — Chicago politics reporter for WTTW — added that “I can confirm, alderman.”

Lightfoot’s office did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News. The request must have been made by a racially disfavored white person.

Libs on Twitter approve of her exclusion of white reporters.

But not all white reporters are racists — or maybe the Caucasian ban only applies to local reporters. Stephanie Ruhle of ultra-left MSNBC interviewed Lightfoot on Monday.

Outside the realms of sports, prisons, and ads, most Americans are still white. This applies even to journalists, despite the rigid political correctness that characterizes the profession. It seems unlikely that people will indefinitely embrace an ideology according to which they are morally inferior, sometimes viewed as unworthy even of speaking with. However, moonbat depravity knows no end.

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