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Feb 01 2021

Profiles in Incompetence: Suzan LeVine

Our only hope is that Biden and the moonbats he surrounds himself with will be too incompetent to accomplish their goal of turning America into Venezuela. The appointment of Suzan LeVine is encouraging in this respect.

Although she is supposed to start today, it has been unclear what her actual title is. She will reportedly help states to manage jobless benefits. Fraud has been a major problem in that area.

LeVine has a qualification other than not being a white male. She used to be the Commissioner for the Washington State Employment Security Department.

Via RedState:

As head of the ESD, her job was ostensibly to protect her state from fraud involving things like benefit payments. Instead, she lost $600 million to Nigerian scam artists. …

After that was revealed, Levine attempted to cover her own backside by refusing an audit to figure out what the heck happened. Her agency has been embattled and under investigation ever since. She also oversaw long delays during the pandemic in getting people benefits.

Yes, the Nigerian thing really happened. But here is her actual qualification to serve under the guy who personifies corrupt Big Government:

Levine and her husband gave $400,000 toward Biden’s election effort during the 2020 cycle.

Failing upward is easy in the Swamp, so long as you are a moonbat and you grease the right palms.

Also a Big Tech background. Surprise surprise.

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