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Mar 01 2023

Profiles in Moonbattery: Maria Araujo Kahn

Personnel is policy, not only in the Deep State bureaucracy but also throughout the judiciary. Maria Araujo Kahn personifies the policy Democrats can be expected to inflict:

Biden’s nominee to fill a vacancy on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals is a longtime diversity trainer criticized the “discriminatory effects” of First Amendment law and conducted training sessions that suggest “microaggressions” can “kill you.”

Now an associate justice on the Connecticut State Supreme Court, Maria Araujo Kahn lamented in a 2020 opinion that current legal precedents permit “verbal assaults” on “oppressed groups.” Since 2013, she has also delivered at least a dozen diversity trainings and presentations to lawyers across the country, with titles like “Cultural Competence, Implicit Association and Racial Anxiety,” according to her Senate Judiciary Questionnaire.

Free speech belongs to a benighted era. Now that we are more enlightened, we know that it is racist.

Kahn’s views on free speech reflect a broader trend in progressive jurisprudence, where once-taken-for-granted legal norms have fallen out of favor.

For example, a recent Washington State Supreme Court ruling imposes racial tiers, which could make it virtually impossible for a white to prevail against a black in a civil suit.

Progressives are openly hostile to Western Civilization and seek to destroy it. If they are not turned back, we will have to get by without its many blessings, which include respect for fundamental freedoms and a reasonably fair legal system.

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