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Oct 01 2021

Profiles in Neo-Stalinism: Saule Omarova

The USA spent $trillions developing a vast nuclear arsenal because Americans would rather go up in a mushroom cloud than subsist as slaves under communist rule. Then our Marxist adversaries infiltrated and subverted the media and education establishments. They ate away at our national character. Government grew as our love of freedom weakened. Eventually, we came to be ruled by Marxists without a shot being fired.

Diehard communist Bernie Sanders is effectively the president on economic matters. Biden’s choice for Comptroller of the Currency is on the same page:

Biden checked off another progressive identity box last week by nominating Saule Omarova as Comptroller of the Currency.

Comrade Omarova is female and nonwhite. She also has other qualifications:

She graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. Thirty years later, she still believes the Soviet economic system was superior, and that U.S. banking should be remade in the Gosbank’s image.

Gosbank was the central bank of the USSR. No other banks were allowed from the 1930s until 1987.

Omarova compares the USA unfavorably to the Soviet Union, which according to her had no “gender pay gap” and in addition to gulags and breadlines offered “very generous maternity benefits.” She admires the way salaries were set by the government. “Market doesn’t always ‘know best,’” she screeches. In this context, “market” means “freedom.”

Omarova thinks asset prices, pay scales, capital and credit should be dictated by the federal government. In two papers, she has advocated expanding the Federal Reserve’s mandate to include the price levels of “systemically important financial assets” as well as worker wages.

If we learned anything from the 20th century, it is that command and control economies produce mass starvation even in relatively capable hands. Imagine the evil idiots who oversaw the surrender to the Taliban dictating prices and wages.

Omarova is even more terrifying than the communist maniacs who starved tens of millions in Russia and China, because she believes in the global warming hoax, according to which humans are a problem. The fewer of us, the better for the planet.

She has recommended a “National Investment Authority,” with members overseen by an advisory board of academics, to finance a “big and bold” climate agenda.

If Democrats are not stopped, they will produce a big and bold body count, just as happened when similar people took control of Russia, China, Cambodia, et cetera.

Communists abound in the Democratic Party.

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