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Jan 18 2023

Proposed Black Reparations Reach $5 Million Apiece in SF

Inflation is worse that I realized, to judge by how much they are planning to pay people to be black in San Francisco, where slavery was never legal:

Several weeks ago, in early December, the number was around $200,000 per resident.

Two weeks ago, the number jumped to $1 million each.

Now it’s $5 million.

That’s right. $5 million per black:

San Francisco’s reparations committee will propose paying $5million to each longtime black resident of the city in a reparations plan this spring. …

It is unclear exactly how many people would qualify should the proposal pass, but if just 10,000 people qualified it would cost at least $50billion.

The $5 million handout won’t be the only benefit of being “oppressed” according to liberal ideology:

The proposal also offers a number of other requirements to be handed out to qualifiers, including the creation of a ‘comprehensive debt forgiveness program’ which would eliminate credit card and other debts, along with student and housing loans.

As for 6 months from now, when the $5 million apiece has gone up in smoke:

The proposal also says qualifying low-income households should have their income supplemented to match the city’s median income – $97,000 in 2022 – for the next 250 years.

This is so that “Black people can better afford housing and achieve a better quality of life.”

California is drowning in debt. No matter. One question looters never ask is, “Can this be sustained?” They just grab all they can.

That is the mentality of our ruling party, from Black Lives Matter scumbags pillaging the corner grocery in the name of racial justice all the way up to Joe Biden signing grotesquely extravagant spending bills knowing future generations will be stuck with the bill.

However many $millions San Francisco ends up handing out to blacks, Gavin Newsom will top it at the state level. Then Democrats will top California at the national level, as soon as they have the political leverage.

The looting will continue until there is nothing left to steal, or until Democrats are decisively removed from power, whichever comes first.

On tips from Wiggins, Ed McAninch, and Varla.


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