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Dec 07 2021

Prosecution for Correlating Rape With Immigration

Where moonbattery prevails, objective reality becomes illegal. In Sweden, professors at Lund University face prosecution by the Ministry of Education for noticing that rape is mostly committed by immigrants.

Via National Pulse:

The data in question relates to the identities of rapists in Sweden, which culminated in the paper “Swedish Rape Offenders — A Latent Class Analysis.”

The published results reveal that immigrants are disproportionately overrepresented in rape cases and commit the vast majority of sexual violence, though the authors did not originally set out to find a link between the variable and rape.

Everyone knows that Sweden became the Rape Capital of the West due to its massive importation of a new citizenry from the Third World. However, for academics to confirm the price paid for liberal policies constitutes thoughtcrime. It may even invite rebellion.

The scientists were also criticized for insufficient evaluation as they failed to indicate how their research should “reduce exclusion and improve integration.”

It is not enough to refrain from reporting facts that undermine the liberal narrative. Research must actively advance the leftist agenda.

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