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Jun 29 2022

Publicity Stunt Reduces January 6 Commission to Farce

Move over, Christine Blasey Ford. Democrats have a new star witness — Cassidy Hutchinson:

Watching CNN analysis Jeffrey Toobin accuse Trump of attempting to “strangle” a Secret Service agent is especially rich, considering that Toobin is best known for choking a chicken in front of coworkers.

Trump’s lead Secret Service agent is reportedly ready to confirm that her testimony is a crock of lies. However, pretending to take this woman seriously allows the media to run hyperbolic headlines like the one splashed across the front of the Wall Street Journal this morning:

Trump Knew Mob Was Armed, Sent It to Capitol, Staffer Says

If there had been any significant presence of firearms among the alleged insurrectionists, the media would have been grinding it in our faces for the past year and a half. CNN is reduced to squealing that bear spray and even flagpoles should count as arms — in the context of a supposed attempt to overthrow the US Government.

However, since most people don’t read beyond the headlines, the intended impression has been created.

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