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Aug 13 2020

Pushback Against Black Lives Matter in Englewood

There has been no significant pushback against Black Lives Matter mayhem from the liberal establishment — quite the contrary. If it is left up to the major corporations that lavishly fund BLM and own the mainstream media, the whole country might get the treatment Chicago received Sunday night. But there may be hope from within the black community that BLM purports to represent.

When mostly peaceful protesters tried to follow up the Magnificent Mile looting spree with a demonstration at the 7th District police station in the South Side Chicago neighborhood Englewood on Tuesday, residents were having none of it. After some shoving and strong words, the protesters retreated:

“If you ain’t from Englewood, get the F*** out of here,” longtime neighborhood resident Darryl Smith told protesters.

Smith has lived in Englewood 51 years, and doesn’t want to see it suffer the fate of the Magnificent Mile on behalf of someone else’s ideology.

[Smith says] he and other Englewood residents had wanted the protesters from Black Lives Matter Chicago, Good Kids Mad City and other groups to leave.

After some tense moments, the protesters were sent packing, marching away from the 7th District police station.

“We refuse to let anyone come to Englewood and tear it up,” said activist Charles McKenzie.

Too bad local Democrat pols in riot-afflicted cities don’t adopt a similar policy.

Black Lives Matter does not speak for Darryl Smith.

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