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Feb 19 2023

Race Ideology Rammed Down Kids Throats at School

It isn’t only on the playground that kids have Black Lives Matter ideology imposed on them at school:

A woke teacher has sparked fury after mocking Florida’s CRT rules by forcing his white students to act as slaves for black pupils.

The Florida educator also hit out at the state’s recent push to ban certain books from classrooms by sarcastically screaming at the children while throwing their books around his classroom. …

His bizarre protests come as Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed to crack down on critical race theory in school curriculums across the state.

The education establishment lets this guy teach children:

In another Florida classroom, preschoolers were made to wear blackface in honor of the 28 days of neurotic self-flagellation by white liberals known as Black History Month.

The purpose of public education is to promote the twin obsessions of our cultural Marxist ruling class: LGBTism and critical race theory.

This is what passes for education with moonbats in control:

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