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Feb 17 2023

Black Lives Matter Ideology Imposed on the Playground

Ideologies contrived in college faculty rooms trickle down until they saturate every corner of society — even grade school playgrounds.

From Ohio:

Springfield police are investigating a report from Kenwood Elementary School that allegedly involved several students and a racial incident.

It happened last Friday morning during recess.

The school principal told officers that a group of Black students gathered several white [capitalization as in original] students on a spot of the playground “and forced them to state, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ against their will,” the report stated.

The European equivalent would be German kids forcing Jewish kids to say “Heil Hitler.”

The principal said a few of the students who tried to avoid the situation were “chased down and escorted, dragged or carried” back to the spot on the playground, and one student was punched in the head by one of the suspects, according to the report.

Thankfully, the principal was unwoke enough to acknowledge the incident. Others would have covered it up.

As the kids grow, so will the level of violence — not because it had to be this way, but due to social engineering. It is inconceivable that the architects and evangelists of Critical Race Theory in academia and media had no idea where it would lead.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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