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Sep 09 2020

Rand Paul: Follow the Money on Black Lives Matter Violence

It may surprise some to learn that rioting is still a crime. So is organizing and inciting riots, as has been done across the country on a massive scale for months now. Rand Paul, who luckily survived being set upon by Black Lives Matter hooligans, wants to do something about it:

Paul demanded that an investigation be started into where money given to groups such as Black Lives Matter is being spent, and if it is being used to spark violence in major US cities. …

“It really is a federal crime to incite riot and to fly people around to instigate violence. And I think that’s what’s happening,” the Senator urged.

“Someone has to trace the money,” says Paul. That would likely prove that some of the monsoon of money corporations have showered upon Black Lives Matter has been spent not only fomenting but coordinating riots.

Criminals who shout about racial justice are above censure by the media, no matter how sociopathic their behavior. But are they above the law? Time will tell. If Democrats secure control of the federal government in November, the answer is certain.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.


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One Response to “Rand Paul: Follow the Money on Black Lives Matter Violence”

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