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Jan 17 2023

Recipients of Bottom Surgery Unsurprisingly Regret It

George Orwell said that “we have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” Since his time, we have sunk deeper. Restate the obvious and you will be shouted down as a bigot. If you want to say something as obvious as, it is not wise to surgically mutilate yourself in hopes of becoming a member of the opposite sex, you need to back it up with documentation:

More than half of trans women who have ‘bottom’ surgery are in so much pain years later they need medical attention, a study suggests.

Up to a third of patients also struggled to use the toilet or suffered sexual issues 12 months after the operation, which sees patients transitioning from male to female given a surgically constructed vagina.

Researchers from the Women’s College Hospital (WCH) in Ontario, Canada, analyzed the medical records of 80 patients who sought care from the clinic between three months and five years after having the operation.

Nonetheless, aggressive promotion of transsexualism by the liberal establishment has caused this horrific crime against nature to become much more common:

Research in October indicated the number of patients going under the knife increased more than 150-fold between 2010 and 2018.

Ongoing pain is an issue:

The most common symptoms reported by post-op patients were pain (53.5 percent), bleeding (42.5 percent) and dilation issues (46.3 percent).

You can see why it might hurt:

The most common form of vaginoplasty is a Penile Inversion, whereby skin removed from the penis is inverted to form a pouch and inserted into a cavity created between the urethra and rectum. The urethra is then partially removed, shortened, and repositioned.

Becoming a “trans man” is not peasant either:

For female-to-male genital reconstruction, doctors can construct a penis by using a flap of skin, fat, nerves and arteries – usually taken from the arm or thigh – and grafting it on to the groin.

Here’s another statement of the obvious: if an ideology calls for defying reality through grotesque sexual mutilation, it is evil.

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