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Mar 11 2022

Refugee Crisis Tickles Kamala’s Funny Bone

At least you can’t say that Kamala “Heartbeat Away” Harris doesn’t have a sense of humor. Even the Ukrainian refugee crisis sets off her nerve-racking cackle:

The New York Post reports:

The awkward moment took place during a joint press conference with Harris and Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw.

The two leaders had been asked about the US accepting Ukrainian refugees or otherwise easing pressure on Poland’s strained humanitarian resources. …

“A friend in need is a friend indeed,” the veep [whooped] before laughing loudly at her own line.

If Ukraine is our friend, it was in need before Russia invaded. But it didn’t get much help from the Biden/Harris Regime. From Politico, dated last June 18:

The Biden White House has temporarily halted a military aid package to Ukraine that would include lethal weapons, a plan originally made in response to aggressive Russian troop movements along Ukraine’s border this spring.

The aid package would be worth up to $100 million…

That would buy quite a few jars of pickled tomatoes, which is what Ukrainians are reportedly using to take down Russian drones.

Getting back to the Post story,

This is not the first time Harris has been criticized for laughing at an inappropriate time. In August, Harris cut off a question from reporters about the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan by saying, “Hold on, hold on — slow down, everybody” before dissolving into giggles.

The Biden Administration’s unconditional and unprepared surrender to the 6th century savages comprising the Taliban sent such a deafening message of weakness that it likely triggered the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which in turn created the growing tsunami of Ukrainian refugees that already exceeds 1.4 million. Maybe that’s what Kamala finds so funny.

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