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Jun 06 2021

Reparations Destroyed in Under 1 Minute

One of the most pernicious manifestations of the critical race theory ideology of our liberal ruling class is the call for “reparations” — direct cash payments to blacks to reward them for the oppression of their ancestors 2 centuries ago. The main purpose is to further inflame racial tensions, which Democrats exploit to maintain power.

The injustice against every taxpayer who isn’t black is obvious. But reparations are a bad idea even for the supposed beneficiaries — i.e., blacks, who once again are encouraged to nurture poisonous resentment and to see themselves as entitled victims instead of independent agents deserving of respect rather than pity.

This young lady packs more sense into 1 minute than you will hear from the liberal establishment in a lifetime:

Just one caveat. She says that some blacks don’t have ancestors who were slaves. True enough, many American blacks don’t have ancestors who were slaves in this country. But it is likely that everyone on earth has ancestors who were slaves somewhere else.

On a tip from Bluto.


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