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Nov 13 2022

Noose Nonsense at Obama Presidential Center

Hate hoaxes involving alleged nooses no longer pass the laugh test, even if they are found on the construction site of a temple devoted to worship of the Moonbat Messiah himself:

I wonder if the noose they found is the same one Jussie Smollett wore around his neck for some time after it was allegedly placed there in the middle of the night during a snowstorm by the Trump supporters who we were expected to believe rule the streets of Chicago.

If not, it might have been the noose psycho PC bully/Black Lives Matter activist/NASCAR Driver of Color Bubba Wallace found in his garage. No wait, that was just a door pull.

Maybe it was the noose that oppressed two black professors at Penn State University. No, that turned out to be part of a swing set.

Could it be the noose that inflicted hate upon a construction site at Central Connecticut State University? Apparently not, since that was just a steel loop in a construction cable.

Then it must have been one of the nooses unleashed against Persons of Color at Stanford. No again; those were loops in what had apparently once been part of an abandoned swing or rope ladder.

Despite the Obama center noose being at worst a prank, and almost certainly either a hate hoax or just an innocent piece of rope,

Lakeside Alliance, the company building the $830 million dollar presidential center, told the New York Post it immediately halted construction and notified police after a noose was discovered at the worksite on Thursday morning.

Lakeside alliance is offering a $100,000 reward to find the culprit who left a piece of rope at a construction site, where rope tied in all sorts of knots can often be found all over the place. Fools and their money…

Democrat demagoguery went straight to fifth gear:

The Obama Foundation told the New York Post the incident was “a shameless act of cowardice” and Illinois’ Democratic Gov. J.B Pritzker called it “a heart-stopping reminder of the violence and terror inflicted on Black Americans for centuries.”

Panted Pritzker,

“I condemn this act of hate in the strongest possible terms, and the state of Illinois will make all needed resources available to help catch the perpetrators.”

Meanwhile, actual criminals in Chicago are allowed to run riot.

You would think the media would brandish the noose triumphantly as evidence in support of its narrative. But I can only find pictures of a nondescript coil of rope stuffed in a trash bag.

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Oct 28 2022

Dusty Baker Grouses That His Team Isn’t Racially Correct

It’s not whether you win or lose or how you play the game that counts; it’s what identity boxes you check. So says Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker, whose opinion matters no matter how moronic it might be because he is black:

When [Dusty Baker] leads the Houston Astros in Game 1 of the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday night, the AL and NL champions are expected to play without any U.S.-born Black players for the first time since 1950…

It’s a fact that deeply disturbs the 73-year-old Baker…

Baker will pout even if his own team wins, because they aren’t US-born blacks like him. This is unlikely to have a positive effective on the team’s morale.

According to Baker, “we need to do something” about too many players failing to comply with his racial preferences. He implies that it is somehow due to racism and that we should hang our heads in shame.

The percentage of black players in the MLB has declined from 18% in 1991 to 7.2% at the beginning of this season, presumably because blacks are less interested in baseball. This leaves those in charge with the choice of either fielding fewer blacks, or fielding blacks who are less talented than players who are excluded due to their race.

Can you guess which option the woke MLB is going with? Sure you can:

Last summer, for the first time in MLB draft history, four of the first five players selected were Black.

What a coincidence. Not even sports are free from the injustice and mediocrity imposed by Affirmative Action.

All four, along with more than 300 big leaguers, including Atlanta’s Michael Harris II, Cincinnati’s Hunter Greene, Pittsburgh’s Ke’Bryan Hayes and Milwaukee’s Devin Williams, took part in MLB diversity-based initiatives such as the MLB Youth Academy, DREAM Series and the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program.

For some reason, no one cares about racial disparities in the 71% black NFL or 72% black NBA.

Blacks make up 13% if the population. That they are vastly overrepresented in some areas (e.g., advertising) makes it difficult to ensure that they are not underrepresented anywhere else.

Formerly, virtually every major leaguer was a US-born white guy. This is unsurprising, considering that members of America’s core population invented the game. Now, the league openly recruits others to supplant them. A white manager who complained about this would lose his job instantly. Systemic racism cuts only one way.

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Sep 25 2022

People Begin to Learn the Truth About Slavery

The de facto state religion of the USA under Democrat rule is based on the concept that whites are inherently morally wrong because of slavery. The leftist ideologues who control the schools and media are correct that whites played a key role in the institution of slavery. It was nearly universal throughout the world from before recorded history until whites largely ended it.

The main instrument responsible for marginalizing slavery to backwaters like Africa was the British Empire — upon which leftists have been vomiting bile on the occasion of Elizabeth II’s death. Britain’s control of the seas allowed it to suppress the international slave trade.

Ending slavery cost hundreds of thousands of white lives in the USA. The Civil War was not the first war America fought against slavery. “The Shores of Tripoli” is a reference to the war Thomas Jefferson fought against Muslims to force them to stop enslaving Americans.

All races have enslaved and have been enslaved. Blacks are not special in this regard, despite what kids are taught in Democrat-run schools.

The truth will out. Even left-leaning comedians might sometimes go off the reservation and admit to it, as Bill Maher did recently in the context of ridiculing presentism. The slavery part starts at 2:17:

Yet we are endlessly bullied with the assertion that blacks are oppressed because some of their ancestors were slaves prior to 157 years ago.

It would be hard to call CNN propagandist Don Lemon oppressed, although admittedly he has had a rough ride lately. Not only has CNN demoted him from his prime time slot in an attempt to restore credibility, but he is leaving with the imprint of UK royal commentator Hilary Fordwich’s shoe on the seat of his pants:

Candace Owens helps fill the gap left by our ideologically deranged schools with this brief history of slavery from Prager University:

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Sep 13 2022

LaToya Cantrell Basks in Intersectional Privilege

A Woman of Color like New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is blessed with intersectional oppression. That’s why she deserves to travel luxuriantly while her city wallows in poverty. Bigots want her to return to the city the small fortune she has spent upgrading her plane tickets to first class or business class, but like Rosa Parks, she sits firm:

Mayor LaToya Cantrell told local reporters Thursday she won’t fork over the exorbitant fees she charged for the upgraded tickets, including an $18,000 first-class trip to France over the summer.

Her first class flights cost up to nine times as much as the coach seat her aide has to settle for.

Since January 2021, Cantrell has charged the city of New Orleans $29,000 to travel first- or business-class instead of coach, The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate reported.

According to the city’s travel policy, municipal workers have to take the cheapest flight or pay back the difference. But Cantrell knows it would be both racist and sexist to apply this policy to someone who is intersectionally oppressed. She proclaims that she must travel first class at taxpayer expense for her safety:

“Anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn’t understand the world Black women walk in.”

Sure we do. They walk in a world where the rules don’t apply to them, where they are immune to criticism, and where morons can rise to Vice President, Supreme Court Justice, or Mayor of New Orleans with no serious qualifications other than their politically correct intersectional identity.

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Aug 21 2022

Now Sleep Is Racist

There is nothing you can enjoy that the moonbat establishment won’t try to make you feel guilty about on racial grounds — not even a good night’s sleep:

Compared with white Americans, people who are African American or Black, Hispanic or Latinx, American Indian, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander are more likely to have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting deep, restorative sleep. These groups are also more likely to have sleep disorders such as insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea, yet are less likely to receive a doctor’s diagnosis and get treatment for these problems, researchers have found.

Researchers find what they are paid to find. That means they find white privilege no matter where they look.

To achieve equity, special devices should be implanted in the heads of Caucasians to jerk them awake periodically throughout the night, so that they cannot sleep more peacefully than preferred racial groups.

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Aug 15 2022

Minneapolis Teachers to Be Laid Off Based on Race

Moonbats bark incessantly about systemic racism. To see how it works in the real world, consider a new agreement reached between the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and Minneapolis Public Schools:

The agreement states that if a non-white teacher is subject to excess, MPS must excess a white teacher with the “next least” seniority.

To “excess” is to lay off. If a black teacher would normally be laid off, the white teacher with the next least seniority gets laid off instead. Because white people are racist and bad.

The agreement also prioritizes the reinstatement of teachers from “underrepresented populations” over white teachers.

Systemic racism is real. It works in favor of the privileged identity groups the liberal establishment tells us are “oppressed.”

As noted by Hans Bader,

This violates a well-known Supreme Court decision overturning the race-based layoff of a white teacher, and contradicts a well-known federal appeals court decision, which ruled that race-based layoffs of white teachers violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. …

Since the teachers union supported the adoption of this discriminatory provision, it may also be liable for discrimination along with the school district. Unions are subject to liability for racial discrimination under Title VII and 42 U.S.C. 1981, see, e.g., Woods v. Graphic Communications (1991), and the Supreme Court has ruled that people who conspire with the government to discriminate can sometimes be sued along with it under the Constitution, see Adickes v. S.H. Kress & Co. (1971).

The race-based layoff provision also violates the law against racial discrimination in contracts, 42 U.S.C. 1981, for essentially the same reasons it violates the Constitution.

Such inconvenient laws and rulings demonstrate why it is so important to progressives to do whatever it takes to put unprincipled apparatchiks like Merrick Garland in charge of the courts — even if it means castrating the Supreme Court with the TERM Act.

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Aug 12 2022

University of Utah Doctoral Program Is Blacks Only

Systemic racism against put-upon blacks has reached such an extreme that a doctoral program at the University of Utah allows no one else to take part:

The program, “provides a scholarly community and educational services for African American doctoral students,” according to the university. The program also provides scholarships to “full-time African American” students who “demonstrate a commitment to understanding Black life, history, and culture in the United States.”

The point of the program is to train clergy in the official religion of our moonbat ruling class, Critical Race Theory.

The school further stated that the initiative “creates a multidisciplinary, critical mass of African American scholars dedicated to the eradication of institutional and systemic racism and oppression by addressing the inequities endured by African American people.”

Among the inequities they are forced to endure are programs established exclusively for their use.

In the unlikely event that a university ever creates a program only for whites, the shrieks of outrage will be audible from outer space.

The liberal agenda calls for disfavoring, marginalizing, excluding, and eventually eradicating Caucasians. Academia promotes this agenda even more aggressively than the federal government.

A [Department of Education] spokesperson confirmed that “there is an open investigation into the University of Utah under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, or national origin in programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance from the Department of Education.”

The investigation is likely to peter out after people stop paying attention. Then our tax money can go back to training the CRT clergy.

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Aug 08 2022

Global Warming Is Racist

The beauty of modern liberal ideology is that everything in the universe fits into its core principle that blacks are oppressed. All bad things are aspects of black oppression — even global warming:

A letter from New York City Department of health officials warned medical workers…

…that extreme heat “is the deadliest type of extreme weather” and that black people are twice as likely to die from heat stroke as white people in the Big Apple.

“Cold weather is 20 times as deadly as hot weather” admit even the libs at USA Today. But that only applies to the real world, not the realm of pure moonbattery inhabited by the kooks running NYC.

“Structural racism and the resulting social and economic inequities” are the reasons that heat affects blacks more than whites, according to ideologically deranged Health Department bureaurats.

Historically redlined neighborhoods across the country that are currently home to a large black population can be 13 degrees hotter than majority of white neighborhoods, a 2020 study found.

The Experts are expert at proving whatever needs to be proven. That’s how government funding is acquired.

Since the natural fluctuation of the climate that leftists have exploited to justify wasteful spending and increase their power affects sacred blacks worse than the less worthy white race, it would be racist not to grant Democrats the total control required to take charge of the planet’s thermostat.

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Jul 26 2022

Deputy National Cyber Director Is Racist Kook

The greatest threat to American security is that its defense is in the hands of people like Camille Stewart, who appears far less interested in security than in the cultural Marxist ideology that likely put her in her position through Affirmative Action.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Stewart, a former Google strategist whom Biden reportedly tapped for White House deputy national cyber director, has argued that “our #NatSec apparatus must be a part of dismantling systemic racism,” and “pursuing anti-racist and anti-hate policy outcomes” should be a chief national security focus for the administration.

Given that the official religion of the Biden Regime is critical race theory, by “anti-racist” she means “racist,” and by “anti-hate” she means “anti-white.”

Like most Democrat apparatchiks — especially those who took part in the Obama Administration — Stewart detests America:

Stewart, who served as policy adviser for the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security, has criticized the United States as an intrinsically racist society in her writing and on social media.

She barks that imaginary racism against obsequiously favored blacks like herself is part of “every institution not just the criminal justice system.”

By now, the message is familiar. Black lives matter, so let’s empty the prisons onto the streets and drive the homicide rate in black neighborhoods into the stratosphere. But what about cybersecurity?

“[Solutions] to cybersecurity challenges will never reach their full potential until systemic racism is addressed and diverse voices are reflected among our ranks at all levels,” Stewart wrote in a 2020 column for the Council on Foreign Relations titled “Systemic Racism Is a National Security Threat.”


Since at least 2017, federal officials have investigated Chinese land purchases near critical infrastructure, shut down a high-profile regional consulate believed by the US government to be a hotbed of Chinese spies and stonewalled what they saw as clear efforts to plant listening devices near sensitive military and government facilities.

Among the most alarming things the FBI uncovered pertains to Chinese-made Huawei equipment atop cell towers near US military bases in the rural Midwest.

According to multiple sources familiar with the matter, the FBI determined the equipment was capable of capturing and disrupting highly restricted Defence Department communications, including those used by US Strategic Command, which oversees the country’s nuclear weapons.

That way, when they nuke us, we can’t nuke them back.

Odds that Stewart knows about this are slim. It isn’t relative to her area of expertise, critical race theory.

Half the population deserves the hard fall that Democrats are making inevitable. The rest of us don’t.

The ChiComs must love her.

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Jul 16 2022

Dog Names and Racism

According to our state religion, the key feature of American society is racism against blacks. Finding actual examples of racism against a group that is treated obsequiously has proven so difficult that academics have been reduced to denouncing racist reactions to dog names:

Academics recently applauded a Social Psychology Quarterly study purporting to show a disparity in the time dogs were adopted based on racial associations with the animals’ names.

“White” names, according to the study, resulted in shorter adoption times compared to “Black” names.

The correlations were largely concentrated around pit bulls, “a breed that is stereotyped as dangerous and racialized as Black,” according to the study.

If you regard pit bulls — which often kill people — as dangerous, you too are a racist, so repent.

Academic responses to this moronic study provide insight into the level of uselessness much of academia has attained. For example:

“Dr. Nef” (a.k.a. Nefertiti A. Walker) makes her living barking woke jabberwocky at University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she holds the title Interim Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer. Her Selected Publications list includes “The tipping point: The intersection of race, gender, and sexual orientation in intercollegiate sports” and “Hegemonic masculinity and the institutionalized bias of women in men’s collegiate basketball.”

Academics draw six-figure salaries — lavishly subsidized by taxpayers — to spew poisonous nonsense that makes us hate each other.

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Jul 13 2022

World Economic Forum: Climate Change Is Racist

More wisdom has been bestowed upon us by our globalist masters. Now we learn that it would be racist not to give up our freedom and standard of living so that our rulers can control the weather, because global warming is worse for sacred blacks.

From the World Economic Forum:

Black communities in the United States will see the flood risk in their neighbourhoods climb at least 20% over the next 30 years, experts are predicting.

The ancient Greeks had the Oracle of Delphi. We have to settle for the Experts.

Led by the University of Bristol in the UK, the study, published in the journal Nature, looks at how flooding will impact different communities unequally.

Only reliance on government funding can explain why scientists goof around trying to prove that theoretical flooding caused by an imaginary climate crisis is racist, instead of doing serious research.

The Experts admit that currently,

it’s impoverished white communities who are most at risk from flooding in low-lying areas at risk from heavy rainfall, the study finds.

No biggie, right? Nobody cares what happens to impoverished whites. They are deplorable. But wait:

[R]ising sea levels are predicted to push storm surges and high tides further inland. This means that, over the next 30 years, the flood risk burden “falls disproportionately on communities with large African American populations on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts,” the scientists warn.

That settles it. We must cause total economic collapse by banning fossil fuels at once. Only the most gullible believe this would have any perceptible impact on the weather, much less flooding, but at least we will know that we meant well.

By the way, it isn’t only flooding that is racist:

For example, the risk of wildfires is 50% higher for Black, Hispanic and Native American communities in the US, according to a study in the journal PLOS ONE. Air pollution also causes three times more deaths for Black Americans.

If acts of God like flooding and wildfires are racist, then God must be racist. That’s why we should worship the Experts instead.

The Experts offer solutions:

Climate and environmental risks make up five of the top 10 risks in the World Economic Forum’s new Global Risks Report 2022. Its Climate Justice Challenge aims to advance environmental and socio-economic solutions for communities most impacted by climate change.

Race-based socialism sounds good to some, or Democrats wouldn’t keep getting elected. If wealth redistribution doesn’t perfect the weather at first, we’ll just have to double down and redistribute more.

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Jul 06 2022

Dems Can’t Have It Both Ways on Guns and Blacks

Democrats demonize the NRA, while presenting themselves as the heroic saviors of blacks. This won’t wash with people who know history. Sam Jacobs, for example:

[T]he NRA has historically opposed laws that were virtually tailor made to deny African-Americans the right to keep and bear arms. Many gun control laws to this day stem from the KKK’s fear of armed and independent minorities. The Rosewood Massacre in 1923 – a bloodbath led by a white mob that resulted in the destruction of an entire black community in Florida – was a clear example of how an armed black people could prevent future KKK raids. …

[T]he uptick in black NRA members as well as gun ownership and firearms acceptability in the black community isn’t an anomaly, but a reconnection with a deeper past stretching back to Reconstruction. The right to keep and carry arms was even mentioned in the infamous Supreme Court case of Scott v. Sandford, where the enslaved Dred Scott sued for his freedom.

Jerone Davison is a former ASU and NFL running back who is running to represent Arizona’s 1.8% black 4th congressional district. He knows history too:

Founded by Democrats, the KKK has been referred to as the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party. In its prime, it served a role similar to today’s Antifa. The more things change…

Guns are called equalizers for good reason. That’s why women carry them to prevent being raped.

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Jun 14 2022

More Evidence That Blacks Live in Terror of Police

If black men have to live in terror of the police, imagine what it is like for black women, who according to the intersectional ideology of our intelligentsia are even more oppressed. The video below provides an indication.

In broad daylight, as we have come to expect:

Welcome to Chicago under the moonbat rule of Lori Lightfoot.

Those with the belly for it can watch the whole scene:

Small wonder if cities where authorities side with criminals against the police have a hard time recruiting officers.

If we are not able to pry liberals out of power and reverse the decay they have caused before the collapse of civilization goes much further, America will inevitably find itself invaded by a healthier society, if only so that our natural resources are not wasted. Whoever our conquerors turn out to be, they will be welcomed as liberators, because at least they won’t be liberals.

On a tip from Wiggins. Hat tip: Citizen Free Press.

Jun 13 2022

Evidence That Blacks Live in Terror of Police

I was skeptical of the claim shrieked incessantly by the liberal establishment during the Black Lives Matter riots that blacks live in terror of the police, who supposedly oppress them out of sheer racism. Adjusting for crime rates, whites are more likely than blacks to be shot by police, which is unsurprising, considering that cops are probably terrified to lift a finger against black criminals lest they end up like Derek Chauvin. Then I saw this video, reflecting what life is like in Los Angeles nowadays:

Notice that this poor fellow, weighted down by generations of historic marginalization, is so terrified that the police will come and interrupt his mostly peaceful activities that all he steals is a laptop. If he had taken the time to get in the car and search properly, he might have been able to help himself to an officer’s lunch. But Darth Vader might have dialed 911 on him, conceivably resulting in a ticket for disorderly conduct.

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