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Sep 19 2021

Call 911 on Criminal of Color, Get Fined

Under California-style anarchotyranny, you had better think twice before calling 911 to report a criminal. If the evildoer is a hated Caucasian, all is well and good. But if the scofflaw is a sacred BIPOC and you are not, the authorities may regard you as the transgressor; you could face a heavy fine.

I only wish this were from the Babylon Bee rather than Hot Air:

Out in Santa Cruz County, California, the Board of Supervisors has passed a new municipal ordinance involving 911 calls. They want residents to know that they are free to call the emergency services line if they see something suspicious, but if it involves a person of color, the caller may wind up getting hit with a fine of up to $1,000.

It is also unwise to report criminals who seem the type to engage in establishment-endorsed aberrant sexual activities. Via CBS SF BayArea:

The new law creates civil penalties — up to a thousand dollars — against anyone who reports someone to law enforcement because of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or other legally protected classes.

This lunacy is consistent with critical theory, the religion of our ruling class. According to moonbat doctrine, only heterosexual white men should be viewed as the bad guys. Everyone else is oppressed by them, and incapable of doing wrong so long as they do not betray identity politics by expressing conservative opinions. This was the ideological justification for Democrats supporting the sociopathic War on Police in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Replacing justice with social justice should save on court costs, freeing up more tax money for welfare payments. No one needs to establish who did what to whom. Only respective positions in the cultural Marxist victim hierarchy need be determined.

On a tip from Brian Brandt.

Sep 12 2021

The Privileged Go Shopping Part II

As discussed earlier, the oppressed are entitled, and this provides them with the privilege of discount shopping:

Good thing Democrats seem to have given up on abolishing the police for now. Stores won’t stay open for long without law and order. That’s why they have been closing down drug stores in California.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Sep 08 2021

Race Card = Get Out of Jail Free Card in Washington State

You don’t have to be O.J. Simpson to use the race card to get away with murder. From the Evergreen State:

Jurors convicted Joshua Kioni Ellis of second-degree murder for the death of 25-yar-old Wendi Traynor, and Ellis was sentenced to over 23 years in prison.

These days, the story isn’t over until the criminal walks free.

On appeal, Ellis argued that deputy prosecutor John Neeb’s reference to The People v. O.J. Simpson and an implicit bias exercise were improper during jury selection.

Murder can be dismissed as trivial in the face of political incorrectness.

“Ellis argues that the prosecutor committed misconduct during voir dire because he invoked racial stereotypes and appealed to the prejudice of the jury,” Judge Bernard Veljacic wrote for the panel. “Because the prosecutor committed misconduct that deprived Ellis of a fair trial, we reverse his convictions.”

Too bad Veljacic won’t be charged as an accessory if Ellis kills again.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Sep 07 2021

The Privileged Go Shopping

The “privileged” aren’t privileged. Only the entitled are privileged. To be entitled is to be oppressed. The oppressed are entitled to do whatever they want without being held accountable, because everything they do is someone else’s fault. Here’s what it looks like when they go shopping:

Incidents like this reflect why Asians will not stay long in the Democrat Party’s cultural Marxist coalition. Already, they stand accused by liberals of white supremacy for being the sort of people who own stores instead of trashing or looting them.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Aug 31 2021

Biden Calls Black Advisor “Boy”

The nice thing about having been chosen as the supposedly nonthreatening figurehead for the radical left is that you can get away with anything — even microaggressions that would result in a media firestorm if made by a Republican. For example, Joe Biden called his senior adviser Cedric Richmond “boy” during a FEMA briefing yesterday:

“I’m here with my senior adviser and boy who knows Louisiana very, very well and New Orleans, Cedric Richmond,” Biden said at a press briefing with FEMA after Hurricane Ida rocked Louisiana.

“Boy” is considered to be a racially derogatory term toward Black men.

It is unlikely that Biden meant any offense, but the rules are that intent is irrelevant. Just ask John Schnatter, who was destroyed when he used the forbidden n-word in the context of denouncing someone else for using it. At least Papa John didn’t call a 47-year-old black man “boy.”

On a tip from William B.

Aug 11 2021

Lynch Mob Riled by Rockies Fan Shouting “Dinger”

No white guy could hate himself enough to commit suicide by shouting the stringently forbidden (to white people) n-word in public. But to be a liberal means to believe whatever it is politically expedient to believe.

A fan at Coors Field waved to the Colorado Rockies mascot Dinger and called out his name. Because the demand for racism (against someone other than whites) far exceeds the supply, leftists proclaimed that he was shouting the blasphemous n-word. As proof, they screech that there was a black player at the plate, although the rowdy fan was looking at Dinger, not Lewis Brinson.

Presenting the predictable hand-wringing apology from the Rockies, along with video of what actually happened, via Not the Bee:

This is the mentality that led to a Cubs fan being banned for life from Wrigley Field for playing the circle game, because social justice warriors proclaimed that he was making an okay sign, which according to a 4chan hoax that got out of hand (so to speak) is racist. It is the mentality that caused almost every MLB player to kneel in obeisance to Black Lives Matter thugs as they looted and destroyed, fortuitously preventing former fans like yours truly from ever wasting another minute watching the game. It is also the same mentality that caused a Russian saleswoman to be sentenced to 10 years for jotting down figures on a newspaper, accidently writing on a photo of Stalin.

Authoritarian maniac Keith Olbermann wants to see a head roll. Predictably, Brinson himself says the forbidden n-word was used, despite fans sitting nearby confirming that it was not. The supposed victims of racism show little grace, even for the innocent.

Let’s hope the poor guy who shouted “Dinger” doesn’t get his house burned down by BLM or Antifa. Once a potential victim has been identified, the enforcers of political correctness couldn’t care less if a thought crime actually occurred. The point is to demonstrate what happens to anyone accused of defying them.

On a tip from Varla.

Aug 08 2021

Open Thread

As a result of America's efforts to realize the ideals of equality and freedom, blacks in America are now the freest and richest black people anywhere on the face of the earth including all of the nations that are ruled by blacks. - David Horowitz
Jul 19 2021

State Rep John Thompson Plays the Race Card

The great thing about being racially oppressed is that rules don’t apply to you. If anyone calls you on violating them, you can just pull out the race card, like State Representative John Thompson of Saint Paul.

Thompson was pulled over for not having a front license plate, which is required by state law in Minnesota. Correct that: he was pulled over because the police are racist. He was then cited for driving with a suspended license. His license had been revoked for failing to pay child support. That’s the kind of oppression some have to deal with thanks to systemic racism:

“I thought we weren’t doing pretextual stops in this state. But we are,” said Rep. John Thompson, DFL-St. Paul, at an event Tuesday marking five years since Philando Castile was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights. “We’re still getting driving-while-Black tickets here in this state.”

Screeching about black victimhood no doubt got him his job; it ought to get him out of having to pay traffic tickets.

Good thing there was bodycam video. Otherwise, who knows what tales Thompson might have told? The arresting officer might be in the cell next to Derek Chauvin’s. Thompson has tried to keep the video from the public:

“Rep. Thompson’s signature issue at the state legislature was advocating for rapid release of police officer’s body camera footage. Now he’s blocking the public release of the body camera footage of his own incident with law enforcement this past week,” said [Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association] Executive Director Brian Peters. “Constituents have the right to see how their legislator conducted himself, particularly when he made such strong claims about what happened during the traffic stop.”

Unfortunately for Thompson, it isn’t easy to keep video off the Internet:

Let’s see if the race card can get Thompson out of this:

Gov. Tim Walz and leaders from Minnesota’s DFL and GOP parties called for Thompson’s resignation Saturday after reports emerged of domestic assault allegations going as far back as 2003.

Thompson was charged with domestic assault twice in the 2000s in separate incidents, and both were reduced to disorderly conducts.

Thompson’s defense:

He questioned the authenticity of the police reports, which a Fox9 journalist obtained via public record requests, calling them the “product of the campaign to silence an American African man who speaks out against powerful and abusive interest.”

Republicans are filing an ethics complaint. With a two-thirds vote, Thompson can be kicked out of the legislature. Unfortunately, any constituency that would elect him can be counted on to replace him with someone else just as atrocious.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jul 09 2021

Open Thread

If you have to invoke a distant past to justify a present grievance, the case for the grievance is already undermined. - David Horowitz
Jul 02 2021

Stacey Abrams Rides Racist Rhetoric From Rags to Riches

Democrat pols are nowhere near as dumb as their rhetoric. Consider Stacey Abrams. In 2018, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported this:

Abrams, the former House minority leader, reported a net worth of about $110,000, with $520,000 in assets – mostly tied up in her Atlanta townhouse – and $410,000 in liabilities. Beyond her mortgage, those debts included a nearly $100,000 student loan and about $50,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service.

In 2018, she lost the race for Governor of Georgia, although she childishly refused to concede. Since then, she has spent her time screeching irresponsible and inflammatory racial rhetoric, demanding “reparations” for blacks, praising divisive identity politics, commanding Biden to choose a black VP (preferably herself), participating in a racist town hall event featuring professional Caucasian-haters like Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ibram X. Kendi, accusing the cop who shot Rayshard Brooks in self-defense of murder, denouncing America for the imaginary sin of “systemic racism,” outrageously comparing mild election integrity measures to Jim Crow laws, leaning on Major League Baseball to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to punish her own state for passing such measures, et cetera.

Whatever the currently acceptable euphemism for “mentally retarded” may be, it would seem to fit Abrams. But if she is half as dumb as she seems, explain this:

Abrams now owns two homes in Georgia collectively worth $1.4 million despite having been hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before her unsuccessful run against Gov. Brian Kemp.

Now she is trying to cover their tracks:

Abrams has made a series of property purchases in DeKalb County that have been scrubbed from the county tax assessor’s website, according to records obtained by Fox News.

Not so dumb after all. Like most anticapitalist demagogues, particularly the race-baiting type, she knows how to acquire the big money. Those who vote people like her into power, on the other hand, might really be dummies.

On a tip from Varla.

Jun 24 2021

Cornell Course Explores Racial Aspect of Term “Black Holes”

Cornell University is an Ivy League school. Undergraduate tuition runs over $60,000 per year. A degree from Cornell is valuable for status purposes and to land a good job. As for what you are likely to learn there or at any other school run by moonbats, consider this:

Cornell University has introduced an astronomy course to explore the connection between the term black holes and “racial blackness” — proof, say critics, that even the hard sciences aren’t immune to universal “racial hysteria.”

The course “Black Holes: Race and the Cosmos,” is taught by an astronomy professor and a comparative literature professor.

“Conventional wisdom would have it that the ‘black’ in black holes has nothing to do with race. Surely there can be no connection between the cosmos and the idea of racial blackness. Can there?” reads the college catalog description.

Students at the Ivy League school are taught that readings, music and art “implicitly and explicitly posit just such a connection,” according to the description.

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has been vindicated. Back in 2008, this petty demagogue elicited guffaws by complaining that the term “black hole” oppresses him:

Price told that he believed it and other terms were racist.

“So if it’s ‘angel food cake,’ it’s white. If it’s ‘devil’s food cake,’ it’s black. If you’re the ‘black sheep of the family,’ then you gotta be bad, you know. ‘White sheep,’ you’re okay. You know?” Price said.

The Ivy League has caught up to Price’s mentality in its race into the black hole of absolute idiocy. Don’t be surprised if Harvard and Yale offer courses exploring the problematicness of cake names and sheep colors.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Jun 21 2021

Caucasian-Free Racial Harmony in Chicago

Americans of Puerto Rican heritage Lin-Manuel Miranda and Rita Moreno groveled contemptibly before black supremacists. An event in Chicago emblematizes the reciprocation that can be expected:

Friends of a man murdered in Humboldt Park said he was shot while celebrating the Puerto Rican Day Parade Saturday night.

Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez were shot on West Division Street on the Northwest Side around 9:15 p.m., hours after the parade had ended. …

Arzuaga, 24, died. Police said that Perez, 25, was hospitalized in critical condition.

Behold the state of race relations under the rule of Lori Lightfoot:

Meanwhile, the federal government has a laser focus on what Biden, the Justice Department, and the Department of Homeland Security all agree is the #1 threat: white supremacists. If they look hard enough, they may even find one.

On a tip from Anonymous.

Jun 20 2021

Asian Storeowners Say “Enough”

Look out, there goes another “white supremacist” attacking Asians. They must be racist Asians, because rather than bowing their heads before a sacred Person of Oppressedness, they push back. This happened at a liquor store in Dallas Thursday night:

It calls to mind the Korean storeowners who took to their rooftops with rifles during the race riots in Los Angeles in 1992.

Democrats might want to impose immigration restrictions from Asia. It is only a matter of time before Asians start voting their interests by bailing out of the cultural Marxist coalition.

On tips from Steve T, Wiggins, and Anonymous.

Jun 06 2021

Reparations Destroyed in Under 1 Minute

One of the most pernicious manifestations of the critical race theory ideology of our liberal ruling class is the call for “reparations” — direct cash payments to blacks to reward them for the oppression of their ancestors 2 centuries ago. The main purpose is to further inflame racial tensions, which Democrats exploit to maintain power.

The injustice against every taxpayer who isn’t black is obvious. But reparations are a bad idea even for the supposed beneficiaries — i.e., blacks, who once again are encouraged to nurture poisonous resentment and to see themselves as entitled victims instead of independent agents deserving of respect rather than pity.

This young lady packs more sense into 1 minute than you will hear from the liberal establishment in a lifetime:

Just one caveat. She says that some blacks don’t have ancestors who were slaves. True enough, many American blacks don’t have ancestors who were slaves in this country. But it is likely that everyone on earth has ancestors who were slaves somewhere else.

On a tip from Bluto.

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