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Dec 12 2019

Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Miss Universe All Black

What are the odds? Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, and Miss Universe are all black women. CNN can hardly contain its righteous satisfaction, heavily implying that they all deserve to get the prize not for their beauty but for being black, because racism.

Blacks comprise 13% of the American population.

They ought to post a sign outside beauty contests: No Caucasians Need Apply.

Nothing means anything anymore, because everything is rigged to promote political correctness. It would be better to take third place in an honest contest than get awarded the top prize by patronizing fools in rigged one.

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Dec 11 2019

Evanston to Fund Slavery Reparations with Marijuana Sales

Some extremes of moonbat insanity can only be achieved in college towns — such as Berkeley, Austin, and Evanston, Illinois, home of Northwestern University, where local bureaucrats plan to use marijuana sales to fund slavery reparations.

The Northwest Ordinance abolished slavery in the region in 1787; Evanston did not become a city until 1892. But of course, reparations aren’t about slavery, since slaves and their masters have been gone for generations. It is about circumventing the welfare state middle man to pay people directly for being black. This is a high priority in Evanston, because to the horror of local liberals, the black population has been declining.

Imagine trying to produce infinite electricity by plugging a surge protector into itself. In Evanston, this principle will be put into practice. Blacks given free money to reward them for their politically preferred skin color will presumably spend some of it on marijuana, which will be taxed to provide them with more free money to spend on more marijuana. Ingenious, if only the numbers would add up. But with leftist economics, they never do.

Via Sultan Knish:

“We are at this point because we have done a lot in Evanston to acknowledge discrimination and oppression and racism, and we have had resolutions and various policies and different honorific actions over the lifetime of Evanston, and it has just not been enough,” Alderperson Robin Rue Simmons declared.

Continuing Affirmative Action and the $trillions flushed down the War on Poverty prove that nothing could ever be enough — especially not for a person of politically preferred pigmentation like Robin Rue Simmons.

“I’m offering no apologies,” Alderperson Robin Rue Simmons huffed. “This is for black Evanston residents.”

No word on what kind of racial certification would be required of residents to prove their eligibility.

Rachel Dolezal may or may not qualify for free money.

Regarding the numbers adding up,

The slavery reparations program expects to monetize its $10 million fund at a rate of $250,000 to $750,000 a year. …

Getting $750,000 on a 3% sales tax would require moving $25 million worth of legal marijuana a year. That’s a whole lot of drugs for a city of under 75,000 residents. Every person in Evanston would need to spend over $300 at drug dispensaries every year to fund racial reparations. …

The obvious revenue source for drug reparations for slavery would be the drug habits of Northwestern University students. But that’s also the group likeliest to cut costs by buying directly from drug dealers and bypassing Evanston’s racial pot taxes. …

Meanwhile, Evanston is still trying to figure out how to pay for its $321 million budget.

There is also the pension debt to deal with.

Maybe if Evanston’s City Council puffs the pot itself, reality will float away with the smoke, and everything will be okay.

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Nov 17 2019 Joins Hate Hoax List

Weaponizing victimhood is easy for the rich and famous. Pop singer “” of the Black Eyed Peas was so belligerent toward a Qantas stewardess that he found himself greeted by the police when he arrived in Sydney. He took revenge by denouncing the stewardess as a racist to his Twitter following — by name.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford gasped,

“Some of your many millions of followers have already started abusing this woman. … Do you understand the intimidation and abuse you are subjecting this woman to with your post?”

The crybully responded that he is a victim who was intimidated by the police, so he will crush whomever he pleases. After all, he’s doing it for The People.

“I FELT discrimination…and I spoke for all the other people who are voiceless.”

The stewardess he named and then sicced his fan base on really is voiceless. But she isn’t a powerful victim like “,” so who cares about her?

For claiming racial oppression in order to hurt someone, earns a slot on the Hate Hoax List.

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Nov 17 2019

“Red Line” Deemed Offensive

Now that anything even remotely resembling racism against favored racial groups has already been eradicated, each deletion from the Newspeak Dictionary is more ludicrous than the last. On the heels of the word “Sooner” being declared racist in Oklahoma, we learn that the words “red” and “line” must never be placed next to each other, even in the context of mass transit, lest the words trigger persons of politically preferred pigmentation.

From Seattle:

Sound Transit will stop calling its north-south red metro line, the line that will eventually run between Everett and West Seattle, the “Red Line.”

Apparently, according to a press release, people complained to Sound Transit that it sounded like “redlining.” In the past, African-American families were kept out of certain neighborhoods in cities by being denied home loans or insurance. This type of segregation was known as redlining…

The Blue Line, Green Line, Purple Line, and Orange Line can carry on as usual, as they have not yet been designated as racist.

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Oct 30 2019

The Bitter Half Lives

No scary movies will raise the hair on the back of your neck this Halloween season like the Return of the Bitter Half. Moonbats want her to run for president. The quintessential angry black woman is still out there ginning up discord by playing the race card:

Michelle Obama shared painful memories of growing up in Chicago’s South Side and gave a reminder to white people in attendance at the Obama Foundation Summit on Tuesday: “Y’all were running from us, and you’re still running,” she said. …

The former first lady … said she noticed white families packing up their bags and heading for other parts of the city and state of Illinois to be away from black people.

Why would people go to the trouble of uprooting themselves and abandoning the community they had built? Just to be mean?

“As we moved in white folks moved out, because they were afraid of what our families represented,” she said.

What they were afraid of was the violent crime and societal decay that are on such conspicuous display on the South Side today.

[The Bitter Half] said she felt a sense of injustice as a child because she could see and feel that people were running from families like hers. She noted that she and her brother had friends of all races when they first moved in.

Evidently, the evil white racists befriended blacks at first, but then decided to move away out of sheer bigotry after seeing the beneficial effect they had on South Side neighborhoods.

[D]ifferences in skin color and hair texture divide countries and are “artificial things that don’t even touch on the values that people bring to life,” she said.

This absurd spin reflects the willful stupidity of political correctness. Does anyone really believe that white flight boils down to complexion and hair texture? The insistence on an idiot level of superficiality precludes any meaningful discussion of why the infusion of blacks into white neighborhoods forces the whites to leave, resulting in the utter ruin that has been inflicted on places like Chicago’s South Side and Detroit.

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Oct 23 2019

Black Jack-o’-Lanterns Denounced as Racist

It isn’t just decorations involving nooses. Jack-o’-lanterns are racist too, if they happen to be black. Bed Bath & Beyond has been caught in the act of selling these tools of racist oppression.

Via New York’s News 12 Westchester:

Bed Bath & Beyond has removed black jack-o’-lanterns from sale after a News 12 investigation that stemmed from complaints in Nyack about the product.

A Halloween display in front of a law firm was taken down in Nyack because the jack-o’-lanterns upset some community members. The jack-o’-lanterns are painted black with a white mouth.

Like Bed Bath & Beyond, the law firm Feerick, Nugent, MacCartney promptly withdrew the decorations to comply with crybully demands.

This is why the demands become ever more ludicrously unreasonable; they are always met with compliance, stoking the power trip that motivates social justice warriors.

Local NAACP Director Wilbur Aldridge says [there being black jack-o’-lanterns] shows an “extreme lack of sensitivity.”

Bed Bath & Beyond’s apology and immediate withdrawal of the product only guarantee that more racism will be found on its shelves.

Maybe next year Aldridge will call for a boycott because Bed Bath & Beyond discriminates by excluding black jack-o’-lanterns. If so, the company will issue another apology and scurry to fill every display window with them.

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Oct 22 2019

Mailman Won’t Deliver Because Halloween Decoration Is “Racist”

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. However, offensive Halloween decorations are another matter. A mailman on Long Island refuses to do his job because he thinks a skeleton hanging from a noose is racist.


Richard Beatty has been decorating his Brentwood house for years with homemade Halloween decor, including makeshift gallows and a noose with a skeleton hanging from it.

Political correctness has progressed to the point that the noose is no longer acceptable.

“The postmaster himself came here and knocked on my door and said he was suspending my mail until I took this stuff down, and I said, do what you have to do because I’m not taking it down,” Beatty told CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff.

Beatty, who resents the Post Office trying to dictate how he decorates his own property, confirms that there is no racial intent behind his hanging skeleton decoration. But his mailman is a person of politically privileged pigmentation and thinks otherwise.

A small percentage of individuals who have been hanged throughout history are black. But according to moonbat ideology, blacks and their alleged oppression are the central focus of the universe. Nooses are specifically about blacks, because everything is specifically about blacks; if you disagree, you are a racist.

This is why the sight of something that even vaguely resembles a noose can send college campuses into virtual lockdown mode (e.g., Louisiana State University, University of Michigan).

A postal service spokesperson says the carrier will “monitor conditions on a day-to-day basis.” They have the prerogative to deny home delivery “based on personal or physical safety.”

Repressive snowflakery has reached the point where harmless Halloween decorations can pass as threats to personal safety.

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Oct 16 2019

Trump Blamed for Black Female Obesity

The great thing about settling on one person to embody everything bad is you can blame him for anything, relieving yourself of having to take responsibility for your own problems and shortcomings. One moonbat even blames Donald Trump for black female obesity.

Via Campus Reform:

Rutgers University women’s and gender studies professor Brittney Cooper made the argument during an appearance on “Black Women OWN the Conversation” on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

See what you are missing if you don’t watch Oprah’s network:

There must be some truth to it; we heard it straight from a highly educated college professor.

Diets may help privileged white women, but it is different for blacks, who are oppressed not only by Donald Trump but also by racism and another sinister -ism, metabolism:

“It’s literally that the racism that you’re experiencing and the struggle to make ends meet actually means the diet don’t [sic] work for you the same,” she adds.

Out of state undergraduate tuition at Rutgers is only $31,282 per year. For that, you can’t expect professors who know how to conjugate the verb “to do.”

Professor Cooper afterward explained the mechanism by which Trump inflicts weight problems on people like herself. He does it by being “a racially polarizing figure that contributes to issues of racial stress for people of color.”

Since Trump took office, black unemployment has hit the lowest level since people started keeping track, as even CNN admits. But that hardly makes up for Trump imposing the hardship of black female obesity. Allowing more jobs to be created only generates more wealth that can be spent on junk food.

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Oct 09 2019

Preferring Clean-Cut to Slovenly Look Is Racist

Any meaningful standard of value is racist — even preferring a clean-cut to a slovenly look.

From the moonbats at ESPN:

Penn State coach James Franklin on Tuesday denounced a letter that was sent to one of his players that members of the team have interpreted as being racist.

The letter from Penn State alum Dave Petersen was received by safety Jonathan Sutherland.

Petersen said in the letter that he and his wife “…miss the clean cut young men and women from those days. Watching the Idaho game on TV we couldn’t help but notice your — well — awful hair. Surely there must be mirrors in the locker room! Don’t you have parents or [a] girlfriend who’ve told you those shoulder length dreadlocks look disgusting and are certainly not attractive.”

Petersen also wrote that while he believes Sutherland will be “playing ‘on Sunday'” someday, he and his wife “have stopped watching the NFL due to the disgusting tattoos, awful hair and immature antics in the end zone.”

They aren’t alone. Yet the letter ignited a firestorm.

When interviewed, Petersen confirmed that it had nothing to do with race. But nowadays, everything has to do with race. For preferring a clean-cut look to the repulsively skeevy appearances some athletes now cultivate, Petersen has been subjected to the Two Minutes Hate.

Penn State University responded to the letter via Twitter, saying the university strongly condemns the message or any message of intolerance.

Note that once again it is the thought police who are the racists, not their victims. Petersen never assumed that looking like something that crawled out of a swamp is an inherent characteristic of blacks, but Franklin and the rest of the lynch mob seem to.

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Oct 02 2019

Burgess Owens on Reparations

Unlike the colonists currently pouring into the USA from the Congo, Super Bowl star Burgess Owens has an ancestor who came to America as a slave. But he doesn’t want reparations and knows he doesn’t deserve them. Here’s why:

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Oct 02 2019

Gru from Despicable Me Fired Over Okay Sign

Racism is everywhere, just like the moonbats tell us. You just have to look really, really hard. Someone looked hard enough to get Gru from Despicable Me fired by Universal Orlando Resort for making an okay sign.

An unidentified actor dressed as Gru was posing with a 2- and a 6-year old when he allegedly committed the thought crime:

Their mom, Tiffiney Zinger, told USA Today that she only noticed later that the kids’ movie character was making an upside-down “OK” symbol, which the Anti-Defamation League recently added to its list of hate symbols.

Actually, the 4Chan hoax that the ADL comically fell for is based on the notion that the familiar okay sign resembles the letters W.P. for “white power.” It does not resemble these letters when it is upside down.

Nonetheless, an upside-down okay sign was enough to get a Cubs fan (who was probably playing the Circle Game) banned indefinitely from Wrigley Field.

Good thing Zina Bash doesn’t work for Universal Orlando Resort. She would get fired for inadvertently making an okay sign too.

Screeches Ms Zinger, who is a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation:

“We just wanted to take them to see the Minions, do something special for our family, and this person ruined that special warm feeling.”

Now she has the warm special feeling that bullies enjoy after getting someone fired. Universal Orlando Resort grovelingly proclaims that it axed the poor guy in the Gru suit:

“We can’t discuss specifics about this incident, but we can confirm that the actor no longer works here. We remain in contact with the family and will work with them privately to make this right.”

Ka-ching! Sounds like being oppressed by racism will pay off big for Ms Zinger. She already has homes in Colorado and Orlando. After things have been made “right,” maybe she’ll buy another, compliments of other Universal Orlando guests.

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Oct 02 2019

Black Lives Matter vs Black Lives Saved

If black lives mattered to the Black Lives Matter contingent, black lives saved would be their objective. But that would mean voting Republican, which would run contrary to the actual objective of driving America as far off the rails to the left as possible. The current administration has saved many lives by reversing Obama’s war on cops.

Via Breitbart:

Nationwide, homicides spiked to 15,195 in 2016, up from 12,278 murders in 2014 when Obama and his progressive and media allies began blaming police forces for multiple episodes in which young black men were killed.

This was a consequence of the Ferguson Effect, by which police respond to hostile political pressure by taking a more hands-off approach to policing, resulting in more violent crime.

Since then, Trump has ended the White House support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and the number of murders was forced down to 14,123 in 2018, according to new FBI data. The murder rate dropped by 6.8 percent from 2017 to 2018.

The combined reduction in murders in 2017 and 2018 adds up to roughly 1,318 Americans who did not die from murder since Obama’s departure in early 2017. … A large percentage of the people who did not die are African-American.

Contrary to what the liberal media would have you believe, blacks are not normally killed by white police officers, but by other blacks. This happens due to lack of law and order, an intolerable situation that Democrats aggressively advance.

If leftists thought black lives matter, they wouldn’t be willing to let black neighborhoods degenerate into anarchic jungles to advance their agenda.

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Sep 23 2019

Jerry Bausby Rapes, Murders Daughter, Blames Racism

The best thing about being oppressed is that you never have to accept responsibility for your own behavior. Pretty much anything can be blamed on racism — even the horror inflicted on his daughter Daizsa by Jerry Bausby in Kansas City:

A man who blamed slavery and racism for his plight in life will die in prison after being sentenced to consecutive life sentences for raping and killing his teenage daughter.

It would be nice to think he will die in prison. But if unrepentant Marxist terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera could have his sentence commuted by a liberal, why not Jerry Bausby? After all, punishing rapists and murderers has a disparate impact on persons of politically preferred pigmentation.

At the trial,

Jerry spoke for 45 minutes, mentioning his daughter only once and blaming “racism and what he viewed as slavery in modern America as forming him into what he was,” according to a release from the Jackson County prosecutor.

What injustice it is for Bausby to be convicted of murder, sodomy, incest, and sexual abuse, when America is the true culprit as always.

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Sep 23 2019

H&M Accused of Racist Oppression

Sweden may be the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery, but not even Swedish companies are woke enough for the thought police. First racist peas were discovered in the rice at IKEA. Now H&M, which has infuriated racial justice warriors before, stands accused of committing racism by featuring a black model whose hair isn’t properly styled:

View this post on Instagram

It’s essential that we have a conversation about this photograph from the @hm_kids campaign. Before I begin, I do not have the facts, nor have I seen any statement by #H&M or the team who worked on this. This post is just an assessment based on all my years of seeing situations like this happen time and time again. And its got to stop. This beautiful young girl’s #kinky hair appears to have had very little to no attention yet all of her counterparts have clearly sat in front of someone who was more then capable of styling other hair textures. My heart breaks imagining yet another girl from my community sitting in front of a mirror being ignored by the team around her, left to her own devices because someone didn’t know how to handle her texture. As if that’s not bad enough…. Prior to this campaign appearing this photograph will have been seen and APPROVED by countless ‘professionals'. Lets say conservatively 50 people. It’s breathtaking to me that not one person looked at this shot and had the same reaction that the internet seems to be feeling since the campaign broke. THAT IS AN ISSUE. We must do better. Our girls, our young women deserve better. Let this be a moment of learning. #Education is key #wehavetodobetter #vernonfrancois #Ignorance #blackgirlmagic #allhairisgoodhair

A post shared by Vernon François (@vernonfrancois) on

The social media mob answered this call to racial justice with pitchforks aloft and torches flaming.

It isn’t enough that blacks are absurdly overrepresented in advertisements. They must be featured in a way that cannot be criticized. Since this is impossible, persons of politically preferred pigmentation can rest assured they will never be deprived of the privilege that comes of being oppressed.

Meanwhile, the racism at H&M appears to be spilling over onto other races:

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Sep 20 2019

IKEA Learns That Peas Are Racist

No wonder moonbats behave like spoiled children; their every petulant whim is catered to with obsequious alacrity not only by academia but also by the corporate world of PC invertebrates. No detail is too trivial to escape forced compliance with SJW demands.

Swedish furniture company IKEA transgressed against wokedness by adding jerk chicken to their cafe menu in the UK. Their version of the Caribbean dish featured white rice and green peas. This is racist, because when people in the Caribbean say “rice and peas,” they mean “rice and kidney beans.” IKEA found itself set upon by a Twitter mob for committing cultural appropriation:

The groveling apology was not long in coming:

We’re aware that our new jerk chicken, served with rice and peas has created some conversation and in some cases offense. Our intention was to create a dish for many people to enjoy but we appreciate that we may have got it wrong. We apologize and we are now relooking at the dish.

Now peas are offensive.

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Sep 05 2019

Dress Codes Are Racist

In utopia, there will be only one standard: your position on the totem pole of oppression. All other standards must be repressed, because they are racist. This includes dress codes.

Yahoo! Lifestyle reports breathlessly on a racist bar in Sacramento:

Barwest, a popular bar and restaurant in the city’s midtown area, recently posted a new dress code outside of their bar in which sweats, chains, grills, baggy clothes, “gang colors” and solid color t-shirts are banned after 10 p.m.

Some critics believe that the dress code is blatantly racist, and consider it a “Modern Day ‘WHITES ONLY SIGN.'”

No, actually it is a modern day, “CRIMINAL LOWLIFES STAY AWAY” sign. But political correctness requires us to conflate blackness with criminality and to embrace both.

The piece presents a conga line of moonbats who gasp in righteous horror at the dress code, including a representative of Black Lives Matter, who regards it as confirmation that Sacramento is full of racists. A single deviant is included at the end to defend the restaurant’s right to set a civilized tone.

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