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Nov 25 2022

What a Moonbat Was Thankful for Yesterday

Leftists are more likely to denounce Thanksgiving than sincerely celebrate it, because bitterness, viciousness, and victimhood rather than gratitude dominate their mentality. But this year, a leftist at The Nation managed to find something to be thankful for — namely, depravity:

This holiday is founded on the unforgivable genocide of Native Americans, and my commitment to justice for all people makes it difficult for me to celebrate things I am thankful for. And the harsh reality is that the utter disregard for all Indigenous people in the 1800s fuels the same systems of white supremacy that dehumanize all of us today. Black lives are taken by the police and the prison-industrial complex, any sense of LGBTQ+ peace and tranquility has been obliterated by gun violence and hate, and, ultimately, the small promise of abortion access guaranteed by Roe v. Wade was stripped away by an illegitimate Supreme Court.

More of the usual bitterness and victimhood, along with the customary viciously distorted portrayal of America and its history. But hold on; even a moonbat can experience gratitude:

I am grateful to have accessed my abortions in Texas while it was still legal in the state, and that my multiple abortion experiences now guide my work.

She isn’t the only one who finds joy in abortion:

Many people who have abortions celebrate their experience. … No matter if it’s their first abortion or fourth, people should be supported in whatever they decide, every time.

Then follow testimonials of moonbats who are glad they killed their babies and encourage others to do the same.

This brings us to the ultimate objective of moonbattery, which distinguishes it from other authoritarian ideologies: depravity as an end in itself.

Why do leftists want to disarm law-abiding citizens, knowing that the criminals whom they aggressively prevent from being incarcerated will remain armed to the teeth? Because this is depraved.

Why do they roll out the red carpet for illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens? Because this is depraved.

Why do they relentlessly promote the LGBT agenda, particularly targeting children? Because this is depraved.

Why do they pass off hideous, meaningless garbage as art? Because this is depraved.

Why do they give the prize to whomever least deserves it? Because this is depraved.

Why do they place the supposed well-being of animals before the basic needs of people? Because this is depraved.

Why do they relentlessly promote societal decay? Because this is depraved.

Why do they demasculinize men? Because this is depraved.

Why do they champion Islam, even though it runs directly contrary to their own ideology? Because this is depraved.

Why are they attempting to homosexualize the military and demoralize troops with anti-American ideology? Because this is depraved.

Why do they side with criminals against the police? Because this is depraved.

Why are they incrementally replacing the economic system that has done more than anything in history to lift people out of poverty with socialism/communism? Because this is depraved.

Why are they reflexively treasonous? Because this is depraved.

Nothing could be more depraved than a mother killing her own child. That is why abortion is the highest sacrament in the moonbat religion, giving even the most miserable among them something to be thankful for.

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