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Feb 17 2021

RIP Rush Limbaugh

What an inspiration. Rush Limbaugh kept fighting to the end. He has passed away at the age of 70 after a long battle with lung cancer.

The Blaze tips its hat:

El Rushbo was a pioneer in the radio industry, leading the way to get conservative and Republican issues and voices heard around the nation. He worked around the liberal monolith of the broadcast networks and the stranglehold Democrats had on the public airways.

Bad as moonbattery has gotten in this country, it would be a lot worse if not for Rush Limbaugh.

Deafness couldn’t stop him. Not even lung cancer could stop him until he was actually dead. For the past year, his tenacity could make you gasp in amazement every time he came on the air. The guy had so much fight in him, there was no room for self-pity.

Countermoonbats owe it to Rush to follow his example as best we can.


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