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Jun 03 2021

San Diego Police Forced to Pander to Sexual Psychosis

Now that the lunatics are running the asylum, indulging psychotic delusions rather than helping people to overcome them is mandatory:

Police officers in San Diego must refer to transgender and nonbinary individuals by their pronouns, must allow them to choose the gender of the officer who searches them and must take them to the jail facility that aligns with the person’s preferred identity, according to a new policy implemented Tuesday.

I wonder which gender horny criminals are most likely to choose to give them a cavity search.

The lunatic guidelines were “developed in coordination with San Diego’s LGBTQ community and announced the first day of Pride month.” Wait to see what kind of guidelines the police have to follow when pedophiles become as politically powerful as other previously reviled sexual identities.

“Historically, many members of our LGBTQ community — particularly those who identify as transgender or nonbinary — have not been recognized or respected for who they are. That changes with this procedure,” Mayor Todd Gloria, San Diego’s first openly gay mayor, said in a news release.

We’ll see if the mandatory denial of objective reality applies to drug fiends who believe they are birds and can fly off rooftops. Recognizing and respecting “who they are” would mean letting them jump.

The SDPD’s embrace of LGBTetc militants does not seem to be reciprocated:

Last year, San Diego Pride said it would no longer give law enforcement agencies a contingent in the Pride Parade, held each year in July, or booths at the Pride Festival.

The same goes in New York. Law enforcement is politically unclean according to the doctrine of our moonbat overlords. But maybe if they are pandered to obsequiously enough, the belligerently aberrant will let cops march in their perversity pageants.

Then again, probably not.

Courtney Skaggs, a La Mesa resident who is intersex and identifies as they/she, said the new guidelines “discourage assumptions and encourage self determination.” Skaggs added: “Encounters with police can be stressful and traumatic, and the fact that officers are mandated to respect pronouns and gender is important progress.”

However, no amount of “progress” will ever be enough. Skaggs whines aggressively about the policy’s “lack of inclusion of intersex folks in key sections.” Authorities are in for some bullying for being intersexphobic.

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