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Aug 21 2022

School Calls Cops on Special Needs 4-Year-Old

It has been obvious for years now that Covid tyranny is more of a risk than the ChiCom virus itself — especially to kids, who were never in any more danger than they are of the flu, unless you count the numerous health risks posed by sadistic Covid muzzles. Yet even now, we see public school educrats calling the police on a 4-year-old boy with developmental issues to haul him away for not wearing a mask:

[The] unnamed boy started transitional kindergarten at Theuerkauf Elementary on Aug. 10.

The school happens to be in Mountain View, California, home of our Google moonbat overlords.

The boy suffers from sensory issues and has had difficulty wearing a face mask during the pandemic. The boy became distressed when he had to wear a mask during visits to the doctor and dentist – but the healthcare workers made accommodations for the boy with developmental issues.

Even in the age of Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky, healthcare workers will sometimes place health ahead of repression — in contrast to educrats.

The father – who only identified himself as “Shawn” out of safety concerns – claimed that he began communicating with the Mountain View Whisman School District in the spring. However, Shawn said the superintendent was unresponsive.

In the video below, Shawn is confronted by the principal, Michelle Williams, who apparently calls the cops on the boy:

If this is what we can see happening from outside a public school, imagine what goes on within. No wonder the teachers’ unions are so opposed to cameras in classrooms.

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