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Sep 19 2021

Covid Tyranny as Child Abuse

When tyrants like Kathy Hochul dictate that toddlers must wear Covid obedience muzzles, this is what they are imposing:

Children don’t like being suffocated with snot- and germ-encrusted masks. They would like it even less if they knew that it is completely senseless, as Covid is less of a threat to them than the flu, whereas the masks themselves carry more serious health risks (see here and here).

This lunacy has reached the point that American Airlines kicked a 2-year-old with asthma off a flight for not wearing his mask properly. Unlike the liberal ruling class, the child posed no risk to anyone.

Blessedly, mass resistance to Covid tyranny is finally starting to get underway, even in bastions of liberalism like Melbourne…

…and New York:

On tips from Dragon’s Lair, Anonymous, and Wiggins.


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