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Apr 13 2022

School Groomers in Strategic Context

The infestation of groomers in schools is worse than we knew. Thanks go to Florida Republicans for flushing them out of their crevices with the much needed Parental Rights in Education law, and to Libs of Tik Tok for documenting what it means to let liberals control education by posting videos like this:

The preschool teacher above puts the grooming phenomenon in its proper context:

“There’s a whole lot of really amazing figureheads and people to look up to in this world who aren’t white or straight or male…”

Hatred of white men who are not sexual deviants is the driving force of the Democrat Party and the rest of the Left. That’s why the LGBT agenda gets so much traction. It has the support of the entire liberal establishment, because like Critical Race Theory it is an implementation of Cultural Marxism — the strategy to erase and replace America that has been horribly effective since its introduction by the Frankfort School.

On a tip from StephaneDumas.


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