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Mar 30 2022

Why We Need the Parental Rights in Education Act

The kooks and cretins of Tinseltown as well as malign corporations like Disney are enraged because Florida has taken a baby step toward protecting children third grade and younger from perverse sexual indoctrination imposed by their teachers. Some might wonder whether the Parental Rights in Education Act is really necessary. As a pair of examples should suffice to demonstrate that it is.

Example 1:

Austin Independent School District’s Blackshear Elementary School hosted a Pride parade for elementary schoolers, which the school’s principal dubbed a “Wellness Walk” …

One of the teachers didn’t like the Wellness Walk. Here’s why:

“I feel that it is inappropriate to call our parade this morning a ‘Wellness Walk’ …

“The first Pride was a riot. It was not enough to just ‘welcome,’ ‘love,’ and ‘celebrate’ Queer folx,” she continued. “Your allyship should always lead you to activism…”

The teacher went on to say that of the 32 students that she teaches, “20 of them are LGBTQIA+ and have come out to me.”

The reason there were no allegedly homosexual or transsexual children in the elementary school classes of your youth is that anyone engaging in the behavior of this teacher would have been torn limb from limb by a mob of angry parents.

Example 2:

MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian invited kindergarten teacher Cory Bernaert, who is gay, to share his reaction to the education bill becoming law.

“It’s two-fold. It really hits hard in my heart professionally and personally both. Professionally it truly makes me feel like I am not trusted as a professional,” Bernaert said.

He went on to demonstrate why he should not be trusted as a professional by whimpering that it “scares” him that he is not allowed to talk to kindergartners about his homosexual relationships.

Until the public schools can be purged of people who do not belong anywhere near children — or better still, until public schools can be abolished altogether — the Parental Rights in Education Act is crucial legislation that needs to be extended through high school and to all 50 states.

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