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Feb 20 2023

SEAL Warns of Nation of Victims

Never be a victim. No matter what life throws at you, you are not a victim until you see yourself as one. That gives you a claim to pity, at the price of agency and self-respect. You become helpless and self-loathing, so that people might feel almost as sorry for you as you feel for yourself.

Because it is contemptible, moonbats revere victimhood. The highest honor in their inverted moral scheme is to be seen as a victim. This is the basis of their religion, cultural Marxism.

Of all the catastrophic consequences of liberals achieving hegemony, the worst is that we are becoming a nation of victims. Retired SEAL Mike Sarraille sounds the alarm:

Sarraille doesn’t blame young people for adopting a victim mentality — he said it’s been taught to them.

“The problem is us. It’s my generation,” he said, adding that politicians are setting a poor leadership example and that the public education system is ingraining victim mentality in kids, particularly through Critical Race Theory.

Freedom is for the strong, not victims. Consequently,

Young people are also much more likely to support cancel culture than older generations, according to the Manhattan Institute.

Victims submit. They lash out on behalf of their masters at those who do not submit.

“We’re not creating a generation of warriors,” Sarraille said. “Instead, we’re creating victims who think they’re entitled to certain things and that nothing is their fault.”

Authoritarians instill this infantile mentality deliberately. The purpose of victim-based ideology is to create a population that is easy to rule.

“But nobody can help you but you,” Sarraille said.

People who understand that will reject progressivism and hold onto their freedom. If there are not enough of them, America will continue to die.

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