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Mar 07 2021

Senator Blows Almost $300K at Morton’s Steakhouse

According to the creed of our ruling class, we should all be held to the same standard of living. If some live better than others, this is a violation of equity, and government coercion is required to put it right. However, those who apply the coercion are entitled to live very differently. That’s why the Democrat Party’s ideology is called “oligarchical collectivism.” While regular Americans struggle to keep businesses afloat despite tyrannical lockdowns, here is how the oligarchy lives:

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez has dropped just over $298,000 at Morton’s Steakhouse since 2003, averaging more than $16,000 a year…

The Democrat charged the bills to donors of his Senate campaign committee and his New Millennium Leadership PAC. The largest single check — a $12,957.69 whopper — came in February 2020. …

A 2019 profile of Menendez in the Star Ledger called the eatery one of a “few indulgences” which also included after-dinner cigars. Those smokes cost the senator’s various committees more than $3,200 at Jamie’s Cigar Bar & Restaurant in Clifton, N.J.

It is believed that another of his indulgences is flying down to the Caribbean to have sex with children.

Even by New Jersey standards, Menendez is notoriously corrupt:

Menendez, 67, has served in the Senate since 2006, and weathered a major scandal when reports surfaced in 2013 that a federal grand jury in Miami was investigating him for advocating for the business interests of Florida ophthalmologist and major donor Salomon Melgen. The pol was indicted in 2015 on charges that included bribery, fraud, and making false statements. The Miami case ended in a mistrial and charges were dropped, but Menendez was “severely admonished” in 2018 by the Senate ethics committee.

The severe admonition is confirmation that everyone knows this rat belongs in prison. But he is too powerful to be punished.

Menendez and his fellow Democrat oligarchs are in the process of looting America into ruin.

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