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Jan 27 2023

Shocking Follow-up to Shocking Pfizer Video

It was almost unbelievable when top Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker spilled to a Project Veritas reporter during what he thought was a gay date that Pfizer has been at the least conspiring to conduct “directed evolution” (i.e., gain of function) research to mutate viruses so as to profit from the vaccines, daring fate to subject us to another Wuhan Institute of Virology type leak (transcript here). The follow-up video is still more astonishing:

Before you let the authorities bully you into letting them stick something from Pfizer into your arm, consider that this messed-up maniac is their director of worldwide R&D strategic operations and mRNA scientific planning.

The global mega-corporation is so powerful that this is still not regarded as a news story. Tucker Carlson is aghast at the near-total media blackout:

If anything could be a bigger scandal than Pfizer conspiring to create new viruses Wuhan style to profit from vaccines, it would be the liberal establishment media refusing to report it. This might help explain the blackout:

Again we are reminded that Big Media will only tell you what is in ruling class interests to tell you.

Note that Walker’s alarming instinct was to call on the police to do something about Project Veritas, despite being the one who committed assault. It is not too late to stop what’s happening to this country, because James O’Keefe and Tucker Carlson are not yet in an FBI basement getting their fingernails pulled out on orders from the people who control Pfizer.

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