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Jan 26 2023

Shocking Undercover Pfizer Interview

At first, it seemed Pfizer was our savior, providing a vaccine to a deadly disease. But as the Covid saga continues to unfold, a different picture emerges. Presenting Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development–Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, who explains how “directed evolution” could allow Pfizer to capitalize on preemptive vaccines to diseases that will not exist until Pfizer creates them, Wuhan Institute of Virology style:


Covid certainly will be a “cash cow” for some for the foreseeable future. As Walker states, there is a “revolving door” between Big Pharma and Big Government. This provides the people on both sides of the door with what they want: money and power, respectively.

Walker doesn’t come off like someone who would hold such an important position, but if Kamala Harris can climb to VP and Ketanji Brown Jackson can serve on the Supreme Court, anything is possible in the age of Affirmative Action run amok. The reckless pursuit of “diversity” could have resulted in Pfizer hiring someone dumb enough to spill the secret recipe.

Big Pharma and Big Government are not the only crucial components of the corrupt establishment. Big Media will be called upon to play an important part by suppressing this bombshell story:

Whether this can be suppressed remains to be seen.

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That Google’s YouTube censored the video above underscores that our ruling class is corrupt, integrated, and hostile to free speech. Here is the video that Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech do not want you to see, compliments of Bitchute:

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