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Aug 15 2021

Simple Proof That Climate Hysteria Is a Lie

Last Monday, the UN’s IPCC released its Climate Assessment Report 6. The bad news is that whereas previous Assessment Reports (which have since been proven wrong) only claimed that we are doomed, this one shrieks that we are really really doomed. The good news is that like everything else excreted by the global liberal establishment, the report is a lie.

William M. Briggs has too long a memory to be frightened. Without delving into the science, he has proof that the shrieking Experts are not telling the truth:

The proof is this: ever since global cooling was the consensus in the 1970s, which later turned into the consensus of global warming in the late 1980s, which later turned into the consensus of climate change now, all of the predictions have been of doom. The future is bleak, with no sunshine foreseen.

The idea in the 1970s was that man-made pollution from burning fossil fuels was going to knock back the sun’s rays, plunging us into a new ice age. …

The atmosphere was going to change because of man. … All Experts swore that nothing good could come from the change.

In the 1980s, when the temperature began to warm in places, the theory changed, but the predictions of doom did not. Now, burning fossil fuels was going to trap the effects of the sun’s rays, casting us into the flames. …

Experts said every animal that is cute, photogenic, or delicious was going to die; whereas every beast or plant that bit, stung, or poisoned was going to flourish.

We are expected to believe that all this unmitigated misery will be caused by the temperature fluctuating a fraction of a degree. It is because the misery is unmitigated that we know the Experts are lying.

That Experts insist only evil things can occur is why you can know, without doubt, that they cannot be trusted. Experts, like you, also know that much good can come from a warmer, more carbon-dioxide-rich planet, but the Experts choose to deny these goods because of politics.

If authoritarians are exploiting an issue, most everything that establishment-approved Experts have to say about it will be dictated by politics. Anthony Fauci types have cashed in their credibility for political power.

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